Aqa Maula His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) Safar 1436H – Views of Mumineen for BGT

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Aqa Maula His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) Safar 1436H – Mumineen views about khidmat of Burhani Guards during the Safar. 

They get screamed at, pushed, yelled and even at times beaten up…

Yet they bear it, the ruthless remarks, careless words, the blazing sun and hours and hours of monitoring, helping and controlling the public that is emotional and ready to overcome all barriers coming in their way to reach their Maula TUS.

Indeed it’s a duty; a vigilant one requiring nerve wrecking patience and a balance of firm yet humble measures of decorum. Thus the name of Burhani Guards Trust has taken the most precedence and rightly so in the current era.

With an ever increasing count of momineen, the need for regulatory and security measures has multiplied manifolds. The Burhani Guards Trust is one body, an organisation that performs a commendable service in the service of the public for performing the Khidmat and attainment of happiness of Maula TUS.

To manage countless number of barricades, stage, decorum, momineen, general public, the police and to justify their actions, explain to each and every momin is actually a herculean task performed heroically by the BGT team.

It is indeed true that in times of confusion, anger, helplessness and frustration the Burhani Guards actually have to bear the brunt of the public. Yet the public know that in all these times of confusions and frustrations the BGT team will come to their rescue. Such is the dilemma faced day in and out by this remarkable organisation. To strike the balance is not an easy task.

Jovial remarks about how the BGT team performs a villainous role in the lives of momineen are commonly exchanged, but the truth is that actually they are the real heroes. They bear, care, share and above all tirelessly continue to do so…

Hence congratulations and salutations to the Burhani Guards Trust for such selfless, tireless and endless services.

May the Trust keep performing the Khidmat of Maula TUS with the same zeal and vigour always & May Allah keep Maula TUS in health and security with the blessings of an eternal lifetime. Ameen!

Amate Syedna TUS,
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Afzalus salaam.
Burhani Guards Trust Pakistan, one of the oldest team among 105 teams worldwide. Its the senior most team in terms of its strength, abilities & discipline. Its has for years achieved various milestones in khidmat of Aqa Moula tus & dawat and has been a benchmark for all the upcoming teams and guards.
With this recent safar mubarak of Aqa Moula tus, it has proved this once again. Among all the succesful event, mauqib stands out with its remarkable discipline.
I wish BGT all the success in the future & may they get many more such miqaats in the future to perform khidmat of Aqa Moula tus.
Shk. Aliasger Obri
Burhani Guards International



Good analysis of actual situation!!
I agree, its always them who face the brunt of mumineen anger, whereas they deserve the highest appreciation from all of us for their khidmat.
Its like the pak army, always being critisized, and in need they are the saviours, BGT is dawoodi bohra army, I salute you – BGT


Truely Commendable
The vigilantes of BGT always deserves salutes.


Thanks Xeynab for appreciating the efforts of Burhani Guards. Having worked with them closely, it’s not just their behaviour and facing the crowd in asking times, but it’s also their skills of planning and management strategies in order to create a safe and comfortable environment for large mumineen / muminaat crowds. Over the years then have mastered the art of taking into account all the elements of events which ranges from AqamoulaTUS coming for namaz to vaaz venue to Maukib – how easily they create the event management strategy including methods of entrance/gates, communications, crowd control, and queueing and at the same time defining the roles of several different parties involved in the event, the quality of the advance intelligence and the effectiveness of the planning process. It’s just amazing how they do it with no qualms. What we see is the only one half of the overall event management and like you said they excel in it too.

Through your blog, I take the opportunity to congratulate BG for their sterling efforts. At times it’s a tough and complex problem, but BG has a rare and enviable ability to find a simple solution for it which is workable and logical. It is delightful to see how their eyes lit up when planning is effectively implemented and works. I thank them for their enthusiasm and for being a great contributor to Aqamoula TUS event’s management success. We pray for BG to keep on building on their innovative thinking for years to come in the khidmat of Aqamoula TUS and winning the hearts of us – thousands of mumineen, muminaat and their children.

Once again thanks Xeynab for the post.


Burhani Guards performance is excellent.
All ranks show maturity and coolness and deliver with a assuring smile, highly commendable.
I salute them and thank them for the wonderful support it provides us under arduous conditions.


Yesterday only I was thinking that now they would be able to rest after so many sleepless nights… I really see them as strong body guards or like super heroes. No matter of the crowd or scorching sun, they stand upright and do their duty! Really Hats-off to them!


Efforts and Khidmat of BG across cities in the scorching heat of Sindh among emotional mumineen is inspirational stuff, the community owes them and all other Khidmat Guzars Big Time. 3 cheers for BGs . A Dawoodi Bohra Army second best to Pakistan Army. Very well organised and disciplined.

Firstly we Abeede Syedna (TUS) present Lakho and Lakho Sajadaat-us-Shukr fil Hazrat-e-Imamia Noorania (TUS) for bestowing unlimited barakaat on us Adna Khidmat Guzars and alhamdolillah may we all present Sajadaat-us-Shukr for the azeem nemat of deedar mubarak and listening Waaz Mubarak of Milaad Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA). Burhani Guards Pakistan  thank all mumineen and mumenaat who supported and cooperated with us on all events. We received a strong response and look forward to having it again in the future. In the end we would like to thank Ms. Xeynab for her article about us which highlighted many rare facts which were never discussed before.

May we combine our all prayers round the globe by requesting Allah-ta’allah for tulul umr and sehat-e-kulli of our Shafiq Bawa Aqa Maula (TUS) and pray for happiness for all mumineen, muminaat and their children under the benign saya of Aqa Maula (TUS) AMEEN.

Trustees, Officers and Members of

Burhani Guards Trust (Pakistan)

Author: Burhani Ambulance Corps (Central)