Pakistan Day Celebrations – Division 3 – Al-Mohallah-tul-Burhaniyah

-On 27th March 2016, Burhani Guards organized the mega event to celebrate Pakistan Day on the streets of haidery. -Mustaali Bhaisahab and amil sahab of our mohallah visited in our program and applause us for our hard work. -We had stalls of different companies, food stalls, rides for children and an extraordinary fun filled stage…

Milad Raat Molana Ali Ibne Abitalib A.S 1437 H-BAC Div I- Adam Mohallah

Milad Molana Ali Ibne Abitalib A.S  1437 H began after Magrib namaz, All members of Burhani Ambulance Corps Division 1 Adam Mohallah started their respective duties after namaz. Vigilance, Parking Management, Main Road Crossing & Security, KMC footpath Security, Al Tamrrez, Flow Management, and Taiyabya Jammat Khana Road Crossing also include in duties of members.  


Meeting With BGI – Division 16 – A.M Fakhriyah

Division 16 Burhani Guards, Burhani Scouts, MTC, and Burhani Girls Guide attended online meeting held with BGI on Thursday 14th April 2016 at 9:45pm at  Markaz Fakhriya. After BGI meeting, Refreshment were served and Division meeting held in which following points were announced: Transfer of Husain hakim Surti to DIV III Best Guard Member Adnan…

Urus Syedna Tahir Saifuddin R.A – Majlis – 1437H

Urus Syedna Tahir Saifuddin R.A – Majlis – 1437H: Reporting time Was 7:30 Pm. Majlis Starts at 8:15 pm and ends at 9:15 pm. Members were allocated their respective duty points i.e: a) Gateway Society (which is bungalow side.) b) Masjid Surroundings. c) Across the roads. Police Mobile and 2 constable Police were controlling and…