Isolation Working Report – DIV VIII Al Mohallah Tul Mohammediyah

Categories: Al-Mohallatul Mohammediyah (Division-8)

Ration distribution

We members of Burhani Guards and Scouts under leadership of Mulla Shabbir Bhai Abde Ali Gohar assisted by Mulla Ali Asghar Jodhpurwala and Hussain Qutbuddin Rawat with the help of philanthropists of mohallah under guidance of Amil Saheb Janab Shaikh Hussain Bhia Ezzi provision, preparation of ration bags and development of mechanism to provide ration bags to mustahiq mumineen of mohallah. Till now we distributed 110 ration bags two times each on 24th and 27th March 2020 to mumineen of mohallah so that they can continue to meet their food requirements in these difficult times. Also visiting mumineen homes who call us for any problem such as hospital shifting.

Sadaqa collection

Under the guidance of Faiz-e-Hakimi Karachi we members of Burhani Guards and Scouts did khidmat to collect Sadaqa amount from mumineen homes on 26th and 27th March 2020.

Personal relations services

Our P.R committee members of our mohallah also assisted Government Law and Order institutions for any volunteer services. One such example, as per intelligence report they wanted to conduct corona virus test on some mumineen as per list received, we assisted them as per requirement.

Author: BAC-8 Al-Mohallatul-Mohammadiyah