Food Distribution Among Ibadullah

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The recent events of COVID-19 had a significant impact on Pakistan’s poor people. About half of the country’s population lives in a condition of food insecurity. And many more are at risk.

For this purpose as per the Guidance of Syedna Aaliqadar Mufaddal Saifuddin Moula (T.U.S) Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat planned to distribute about 19000+ cooked food packets in various areas of Karachi City which were distributed under the Management of Burhani Guards Trust.

The Project was very well managed and coordinated with the all Area UC chairman to deliver the food packets door to door to the deserving people in various areas of Karachi.

A total Workforce of 350 Officer and Members assigned to this project effectively and efficiently made this project a huge success

Safety Major
All the Safety Materials like Mask, Gloves, Hand Sanitizers, Coveralls and Disinfect Dettol liquid Spray bottle were provided by the Burhani guards to the Following:

  • All Burhani Guards members on duty
  • All Kitchen Staff and Cooks
  • All the UC Coordinators and their teams

Central Office

  • The central Team was responsible for the coordination between the kitchens and the different teams to make ease for distribution
  • To follow up with Each Team and the UC Coordinators for a better and organized distribution of the food packets
  • Coordination for Security for various Areas
  • To maintain a detailed report for the Project Start and End time

Preparation and Packing of Foods
The Food was prepared in 10 different Kitchens which are as follows:

Mohallah Quantity
Taheri Mohallah 2050
Yousufi Mohallah 3100
Adam Mohallah 2100
Al Mohallatul Fakhriyah 800
Burhani Mohallah 2000
Hasani Mohallah 2000
Essa Mohallah 1605
Al Mohallatul Mohammadiyah 2000
Saleh Mohallah 2000
Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah 2000
Total 19655


Distributed Areas

South: 9505 packets

  • JPMC Hospital
  • Chaakiwara #2
  • Liyari
  • Near Abdullah Shah Gazi Mazar
  • Railway Colony near Jung press

West: 1350 packets

  • Maripur
  • Harbor

West Central: 4800 packets

  • Up More
  • Pahar Ganj
  • Golimar
  • Haji mureed goth.

North West (Malir) : 4000 packets

  • Ibrahim Haidery
  • Northern bypass.

Daily Food Distribution to Ibadullah
Apart from this major project, on a daily basis about 1000 food packets are distributed amongst many deserving people in karachi

After the completion of this successful Project we received many emotional reviews from the Field team as they witnessed many people who were critically affected by this lockdown and had no source of income and at the Same time they thanked Allah and Prayed for Aqa Moula (T.U.S) for blessing us with his countless bounties in such condition when the world is facing hardships and fighting the COVID 19

After the end of this project we ensured that all the Field members had Disinfect themselves and for further precautions we guided them to stay in homes to fight the COVID 19 as per the government regulations

Author: Burhani Ambulance Corps (Central)