Al Tamreez

With the Raza Mubarak of Aqa Maula (Tus), started Sickmen Aid Service by the name of Al Tamreez in the year 1415H.

Besides providing equipments as Walker, Wheelchair, Walking Stick, Urine Pot, Bed Pan, etc. and medical help to needy mumineen, al tamreez committee organizes 4 – 5 free medical camps (such as Eye Camp, ENT Camp, Dental Camp and Other Medical Checkup Camps) every year in which specialist and doctors take part and serve mumineen with free medicines and vital advice.

Al Tamreez Committee in affiliation with Burhani Diagnostic Centre has recently also set up a poly clinic at Adam Masjid by name of BURHANI CLINIC for facilitating and providing medical assistance to mumineen , organizes Child Vaccination Facilities and Health awareness workshop and seminars for mumineen to stay away from Moharrumaat as Tobacco , Cigarette, etc., arranges blood donation camps and helps mumineen in their operations and other medical needs whenever blood is required.


Burhani Diagnostic Centre

Burhani Diagnostic Centre a state of the art laboratory which works as a Mini Hospital in which OPD and Medical Test facilities as X-Ray; Ultrasound and other diagnostic services are available at reasonable tariff.

The vision provided by Aali Waqar Shahzada Ali Asghar Bhaisaheb Kalimuddin Saheb during his Safar Mubarak in 1425H to establish such kind of facilities as of medical camps on permanent basis that lead us to Diagnostic Centre.

During the 93rd Milad Mubarak of Huzure Aala (TUS), at the majalis of Burhani Guards Trust at Burhani Mahal, Aqa Maula (TUS) graciously granted the Raza and Dua Mubarak and bestowed the name “BURHANI”, thus the centre become “Burhani Diagnostic Centre”.


Qutbi Amanat Scheme

Qutbi Amanat Scheme started in the year 1415H was another step to earn blessing and khushi mubarak of Aqa Maula (TUS) in uplifting members and providing Qarzan Hasana and motivating them to start their own business as well as facilitating them to go for khidmat at International Miqaats as Ashara Mubaraka ; Milaade Maimoon ; Ziyaraat Muqadassa, etc.


Members Welfare Committee

Members Welfare Committee came into existence in 1430H when a need of career counseling and business counseling was felt in the organization for better future of members. A group of experienced businessmen and professionals performs their responsibilities for functioning of the committee providing members with proper advices and showing them proper channel towards progressive professional years. Another task of the committee is the upliftment of members who need a hand to raise themselves or their family to a standard lifestyle of mumineen. Efforts are being made in this regard and some members are being considered for upliftment of residency and education.


Training & Activities Committee

Training & Activities Committee ensures the discipline and arranges first aid and fire fighting courses to prepare members for facing different challenges in day to day life and to enhance their capabilities in khidmat, keeps the check on members about their uniforms; hair; nails; beard and use of moharrumaat, organizes Inter Divisions Competition Camps, Adventure & Training Camps and Picnics etc for entertainment of members.


Public Relations & I.T.Commitee

In present Burhani Era when mumineen have been globalized and are being brought together whether its in Databases through Ejamaat (an computerize ID Card of Dawoodi Bohras) or its Mahaduz Zahra (a modern way of teaching and learning Qurane Majeed), technology, communication and public relations play a vital role in progress and growth of an organization All these task are well managed and executed by Communication Committee; I.T Committee and Public Relations Committee respectively. Equipped with latest wireless and computer systems, these committees actively work from a small 10 x 7’ Room under Taheri Masjid Complex – Saddar and members of Burhani Guards name it as CONTROL ROOM