Ayyam ut Tabudaat-Hasani Mohallah-Division 11

Categories: Domestic Events,Hasani Mohallah (Division-11)

  • Vaccination survey

As per irshadaat aaliya, Burhani Guards took the khidmat of collecting data of essential children vaccination. Members of Div XI made arrangements to conduct a thorough survey in the Hasani Mohalla. A list of all the children in the age bracket of 1 – 16 years was compiled from the ITS and jamaat records. A number of means were used to contact each family and collect the data which included house visits, telephone calls, whatsapp message, emails and information desk during majlis timings.  In a week’s duration, all the data was collected and submitted to the control room for entry. A total of 58 forms were submitted from the mohallah.


  • Ikram of Jamea Talabat and Moallim

Aqa Maula (TUS) sent talabat and Moallim khidmat guzars of Al Jamea Saifiyah to stay with the families in Hasani Mohallah. Many households in the mohallah got the nemat of hosting guests from Jamea at their homes. Burhani Guards div XI did istakbal of mohallah’s guests and worked to facilitate their stay in Clifton. On the last night of the stay, after the khushi majlis of Eid Milad un Imam uz Zaman, Burhani Guards bid farewell to our guests with a small token of appreciation. A souvenir of Gifts and rose was given to all khidmat guzaars in the presence of Amil Sahib Shk Taher. Burhani guards also presented fakhir Silatul Imam and Najwa to Amil Sahab.

  • Plantation

Burhani Gurads of div XI members took measures to plant at least one plant at their homes in the balconies and lounges.

  • Duty during 5 tabudaat majlis and security measures

During the days of special tabudaat majlis, Burhani Guards div XI took regular measures of security and members performed duty with zeal and passion. Rangers and Police were informed of the majlis duration and the law enforcement agencies were deputed at four corners of the masjid premises.

Author: BAC-11 Hasani Mohallah