Ashara Mubarak 1437 – Hasani Mohallah – Division 11

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Burhani Ambulance Corps Division 11 (Guards+Scouts) performed various khidmats during the Ashara 1437H which are listed below:


  • Members stood with utmost vigilance to ensure that parking around the masjid vicinity was not done. To ensure this members stood fast on their positions to manage the flow of momineen and guided cars to designated parking ground.
  • Due to security concerns and law and order situation of the city, members were appointed at all entry and exit check points ensuring that maximum parking was done in the parking ground near the masjid.

Managing the Flow of Momineen:

  • As Momineen entered the Masjid Complex they were guided to respective entry points, as Momineen gents and ladies had different point to enter scouts were present to help and facilitate them by any means possible.
  • Wheelchairs were always present if there was need and scout members that were assigned did their duty with dedication.


  • As Security is a main concerned area for Burhani Guards; ┬áMembers were present at all points to maintain the strict check on who enters and who leaves the complex.
  • Burhani Guard Members provided guidance to all Masjid Security Staff to facilitate them by any means to keep in check no person, car or bike entered without a proper check.
  • Burhani Guard Members Coordinated with Rangers and Police so that their presence was felt to all people coming near the masjid or in the areas joining.
  • To maximize the security hold members patrolled the roads coming towards the masjid. As lot of momineen came to masjid walking, hence providing them with security was utmost priority.


  • Attendance was recorded at times to maintain the record of each members.
  • PR committee members did their best to meet and greet any Goverment Security Official who visited.
  • Distributing niyaaz to the Rangers and Police was also done by the Guard Members.
  • Maintaining Discipline during the Waaz was also done Burhani Guard Members and MTC.
  • Brought Elderly mumineen from home for Ashura waaz during Maqtal Bayan.

Finally we pray that Moula (TUS) accepts our very little khidmat. But bestows us with more strength so we can perform our duty with nishat so we can serve momineen better. In the end we pray to Allah that He grants our beloved Moula(TUS) a Long and Prosperous Life till the day of Judgment. Ameen

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Author: BAC-11 Hasani Mohallah