Burhani Guards Trust is a unique platform for khidmat guzars of all age groups. Youth get ready with discipline of performing khidmat of mumineen and get uplifted according to their age and performances.

Founded in the year 1974, with strength of 66 members and one division from adam masjid and registered in St. John Ambulance Brigade in 1976, later with Directorate of Social Welfare – Sindh in 1991.

At present, it is consist of 16 Divisions and 3 Units with strength of 1214 members who are ready to perform their services anywhere and anytime.

Our Motto

Motto of Burhani Guards is khidmat and only khidmat with tafadi, nishaat and jaan nisari of our beloved bawa shafeeq Aqa Maula (TUS).

Our Vision

To Be The Best Organization To Serve Mumineen While Consistently Delivering The Values Our Bawa Shafeeq AQA MAULA (TUS) Wish For And Expect. The Well Being Of Mumineen Is The Only Concern Of Our Ruhani Bawa (TUS) And Thus We Have Taken It Upon Ourselves That We Will Put Forward All Our Efforts When It Comes To Serving Mumineen In Whatever Way We Can.

Achievements & Honors

Over the years Aqa Maula (TUS) has bestowed Burhani Guards with countless showers of barakaats and nawazeshaats. Out of these bounties of nawazeshaats the azeem and unmatched naimat was sharaf of Ziyafat to Aqa Maula (TUS) in 1404H. Aqa Maula (TUS) has praised khidmat of burhani guards on several occasions in general with bestowing sharaf of Hadiyat , Mafsuhiyat and Tiles of N.K.D and M.K.D to members of Burhani Guards. The greatest ever achievements of Burhani Guards is to take Aqa Maula (TUS) blessings, khushi mubarak and noorani kalemaat of praise “Tamey Ghani Nishaat Ane Khoobi Si Khidmat Karoo Cho” to members of Burhani Guards on his visit to Karachi on the occasion of 89th Milaad Mubarak. In addition, Executive Trustee and Operating Trustee of Burhani Guards Trust shares two major ranks in Burhani Guards International that is of Joint Secretary and Assistant Commander respectively. This is another step which insure confidence and trust of Sadaat Kiraam upon members of Burhani Guards Trust – Pakistan.