ASHARA MUBARAK, 1436H – Ibrahim Mohallah – Division 5

As the year starts with the Aza and Matam of Imam Hussain (a.s) which is consider the most important phase in Momin’s life, as guided by Aqa Maula (t.u.s), and it provides each one of us to do the best to participate in Gham of Imam Hussain by different means, which is known as KHIDMAT….


Burhani Guards (Pakistan) Ziyafat during Ashara 1436H – Surat

Sajdaaat tus Shukr on the countless barakaat; Burhani Guards (Pakistan) have been blessed with during Ashara 1436H – Surat. 100+ members got the sharaf of performing khidmat in Ashara and sharaf of partaking in Burhani Guards International Ziyafat on 11th Moharram 1436H. We, combine all our prayers with this one sole niyat that Allah Almighty…

Adam Masjid Road At Ashura

Moaharram-UL-Haram 1436H-Adam Mohallah-Division 1

COMMENCEMENT OF MOHARRAM UL HARRAM 1436H Arrangement of barricade for parking and path way for public was positioned by guards and scouts prior Moharram. Daily fall-in was charted. With accordance to daily reporting time of scouts, guards, MTC, inspection and drill was done to boost the self-esteem of members. Members were always standing alert at…



On the occasion of Urus Mubarak of Syedna Hatim (R.A) the reporting time was 6:30 pm sharp, members were on time and we secured the whole area as Shahzada Ali Asghar Bhai Sahab DM was giving the sharaf to Al-Mohallah-tul-burhaniya’s momineen. The duty points were B1, B2, B3, back gate, main gate, surrounding, parking and…


Ashara Mubaraka 1436H – Burhani Mohollah – Division 13

Activities of Burhani Scout Division 13 – Burhani Mohallah during Ashara Mubaraka 1436H Reporting time for Waaz majlis was 09:00 am and for evening majlis 7:30 pm Street leading to the masjid were blocked for traffic for security reasons. Members were deputed for duties at parking, Masjid surrounding, traffic management, shoe stalls, entrance/exit gates, ITS…


ASHARA MUBARAKA 1436H – Division 16 – Fakhri Mohallah

Khidmat performed in Ashara Mubaraka 1436H Waaz Duty at Fakhri Hall, Al-Mohallah-tul-Fakhriyah: Reporting time for morning Waaz was 9:30 am sharp. Our members reported on time and were allotted duties. Aqa Maula (TUS) Waaz reporting time was 09:00 am sharp. Members were deputed for duties at parking, markaz surrounding, traffic management, entrance/exit gates and flow management.  Waaz Talaqi: Members…


ASHARA MUBARAKA 1436H – Division 3 – Al-Mohallatul Burhaniyah

BURHANI AMBULANCE CORPS DIV III ASHARA MUBARAKA 1436-H A new Hijri year started with the ghum, buka and matam of IMAM HUSSAIN A.S. Our 11 members went to Surat, India to perform international duty. We, Div III performed khidmat with nishaat as we always do in our Mohallah. The incharge of our mohallah was Shaikh…