Scouts and Guards Inspection

27 October 2013 – Inspection was called by the central committee on the 27th of october and members of of Guards and Scouts reported at saddar at 9:30 am sharp Inspection of Guards was conducted by Shk Abid Bhai Marvi and Scouts Inspection was conducted by Yousuf Mazhar. Guards of Division 7 Secured 1st position which…


First Aid Class – Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah – Division 3

25th & 26th October 2013 –  Mulla Abbas Hakimi conducted a First Aid Class for 2 consecutive days on 25th & 26th October. In the First class he teach about the basics of First Aid and tell us about 1) DRABC treatment. 2) Snake Bite. 3) Wounds. 4) Direct and Indirect Pressure. It is just…


Uniform Inspection & Drill Class – Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah

25th October 2013 – Burhani Ambulance Corps Division III Guards Uniform inspection was called on Friday. Inspection time was 10:00 pm. 95% members attended the inspection. It was the preparation for Central Inspection which will be held on 27th October, 2013. M. Mustansir Fakhruddin & Yousuf Siraj inspected the members uniform. After Inspection Drill and…


Eid-e-Gadeer Khum Waaz Duty – Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah

23rd October, 2013 – Eid-e-Gadeer-e-Khum Waaz duty reporting time was at 9:30 am. All Guards and Scouts Members called for duty. Members perform duties at gates, Barricades, Masjid and Sehan. After Waaz namaz and misak majlis bethak. Members off from duty at around 4:00 pm.


Eid Ghadeer-e-Khum 1434h Waaz Duty – Taheri Mohallah – Division 2

22nd October, 2013 – On the occasion of Eid-e Ghadeer-e-Kum, the duty was called on for the Waaz and reporting time was set to 9:00 AM. All members of Burhani Guards and Scouts participated in actively in Khidmat and assisted in security management, parking, Flow management and other necessary duties.


Sunday Scouts Activity – Taheri Mohallah – Division 2

20th October, 2013 – After Tilawat-e-Quran and Scouts Promise, pioneering review class was held at Taheri Masjid Complex. All members participated actively in the class. Morever, after the review class, members went to Frere Hall and played Voleyball there. Members also visitd the Book Bazaar that helds every Sunday at Frere Hall.


BBQ Eid Gathering – Al-Mohallatul-Burhaniyah

19th October 2013 – Division 3 BBQ Eid Gathering held on 19th October 2013 Saturday at Juzer Sh. Abbas home. Lots of exciting games, Lucky draws and Entertaining Stuffs prepared by the organizing team members for those members who participated in this event. Members starts to gather between 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm. The program…