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Wada Meeting of Adam Mohallah Amil Sahab – Division-1

Wada Meeting of Shk. Tayyab Bhai was held at Adam Masjid 23rd April 2013 at 08:00pm . Members of Burhani Guards, scout & M.T.C  attended this meeting. Amil Sahab & secretary highlighted the achievement during 5 year period & specially Burhani Guards. A gift was presented by Burhani Guards to Janab Amil Sahab on this…


Plantation Drive by Burhani Scouts – Division-4

Members of Burhani Scouts Div4 with support from Burhani Ambulance Corps Div4 and Burhani Guards Trust conducted plantation drive on 21st April, 2013 Sunday. This event was organized to achieve khushi Mubarak of Ali Qadr Maula, who emphasized the importance of keeping the environment clean. He also guided mumineen to plant as many trees as…


Shaheen Weekly Meeting – Mohammadi Mohallah – Division-7

The meeting was conducted on sunday and all members gathered at masjid at 9:30 am. The fall-in was called and a proper assembly was conducted in which qirat, shaheen promise, shaheen laws were recited. Furthermore drill was conducted and was followed by training session of pioneering and ended with a fun game.


Shaheen Trip to World Wildlife Fund Wetland Center – Division-13

Division XIII (In collaboration with Division VII and IV) organized a trip to the World Wildlife Fund Wetland Center located at the mangrove plantations at Sand Spit on 17th March, 2013. Scouts of Division IV and XIII participated whereas Shaheen were participating from Divivsion VII. The total strength was of 50 members with 7 senior…


Rally on Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi (s.a.w) – Burhani Mohallah – Division-13

Alhamdolillah  BGT 13  Scouts and Guards successfully organized a rally in Burhani Mohalla to commemorate the occasion of Eid Milad un Nabi(SAW). Members of BGT13 gathered before Zuhr Namaz and after namaz rallied from Burhani Aveue to Shaheede Millat flyover covering approx distance of 500 meters. It was refreshing to see an enthusiastic response from…