Inside view of masjid

Ayyamut ta’abbudat 10th Darees & Muzakera – Taheri Mohallah – Division 2

On the auspicious event of Ayyamut ta’abbudat I’ll Mubarakah 10th and conclusive Darees & Muzakerat held at Taheri Masjid, members of Burhani Ambulance Corps, Div II performed their duties actively which included traffic management & guidance to facilitate mumineen. They were also observed helping seniors and disabled mumineen. Moreover, they ensured overall security around the Masjid and its…


Muharram 1434h at Ibrahim Mohallah – Division 5

Members of Burhani Ambulance Corps (division 5, Ibrahim Mohallah) were seen highly active during Muharram 1434. Their activities included traffic flow management and parking guidance during Waaz and Matam Majalis, conveyance facilities to seniors and disabled and to ensure overall security of the Masjid premises.

Ibb is one of the major cities in Yemen. Zaireen planning to visit Moulatena Hurrat-ul-Maleka (a.s) are accommodated here.

BGT Members participated in the Qaat Removal Campaign in Yemen

In the mid of January 2013, members of BGT-Pakistan left for Sanaa, Yemen to participate in the Qaat Removal Campaign. This campaign initiated by Aqa Moula Syedna Muhammad Burhanuddin (t.u.s) in 1381H constituted of eliminating Qaat and replacing it with coffee, wheat, strawberries and other vegetables varieties. When reaching Sanaa, members where directly transported to…