Waaz Milaad-Dai-Ez-Zaman (T.U.S) – Yousufi Mohallah – Division 4

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MILAAD MUBARAK 102 (1434 -Saturday, 2nd march 2013)


Today the duty started at 09:00 a.m with 16 Guard members and 17 scouts.

Aali Qadr Maula (TUS) jalwa noma in Milaad Majlis at 10:15 a.m.

Burhani Guards and Scouts jointly performed duty in various segments such as Parking, Security, Wheel Chair khidmat, Flow management and Masjid Tanzeem etc.

Following the Waaz Qaleemat is also being blessed by the Members.

Today`s ocassion came to an end by the Salwaat Jaman by the grace and shukar of Aqa Maula and Aali Qadr Maula(TUS). Long Live Our Beloved Maula and we shall always perform duties under their spiritual shadow.



Author: BAC-4 Yousufi Mohallah