Waaz Majlis on the occasion of Eid -e Gadeer – Adam Mohalla – Division 1

Categories: Adam Mohallah (Division-1),Domestic Events

Date:- 19-09-2016

  • On the event of Eid-e-Gadeer Khum Waaz reporting time for duty was 10:15 am.
  • Members were present in uniform.
  • Members were allotted duties by our Area Captain.
  • Members set barricades in Masjid for Safaqat Majlis.
  • Members lash barricades .
  • Few guards and MTC members manage the flow of momineen for shafaqat bethak.
  • Others members were allotted duties on road.
  • Members of Guards,Scouts & MTC gave Safaqat & took barakaat.
Author: BAC-1 Adam Mohallah