Urus Syedna Dawood Burhanuddin R.A Majlis – Div 3 – Al-Mohallah-tul-Burhaniyah

Categories: Al-Mohallatul Burhaniyah (Division-3),Domestic Events

On the occasion of Urus Mubarak of Syedna Dawood Burhanuddin R.A Majlis the reporting time was 7:30 pm.
-Members report on time and after reporting members were sent to there respective duty points.
-Burhani Guards, Scouts and MTC members were present at there duty points.
-Points covered my Burhani Guards were:
-Parking, there was no parking on both gates of Masjid.
-Flow management.
-Masjid Surrounding.
-Majid complex.
-After Majlis and momineen jaman, members got the sharaf of niyaz e hussain.

Author: BAC-3 Al-Mohallatul-Burhaniyah