Urs-Al Hayy ul Muqaddas Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (R.A)-Waaz-1436h- Adam Mohallah – Division 1

Categories: Adam Mohallah (Division-1),Domestic Events

  • 06th January 2015 Burhani Guards, Burhani Scouts, Masjid Tanzeem Committee and Shaheen reported at 9:00 am for performing duty at Adam Masjid.
  • Scout members were called early to recite sipara and yaseen.
  • The fall-in was followed by a drill to warm up the members.
  • After fall-in all members proceeded to their assigned duty points.
  • After duty members were seated in the masjid to get barakaat of Waaz Mubarak.
  • After Waaz Guards troops take hold of the road assisting mumeneen to cross M.A. Jinnah Road in peak hours of traffic.
  • MTC troops managed the road movement of Campbell Street and Scouts troops managed the road movement of Shahr-e-Liaquat through ropes lining one side, to provide smooth flow of momeneen till Tayebia Jamat Khana.
  • MTC members organized momeneen in the masjid and maintained discipline.




Author: BAC-1 Adam Mohallah