U.L, S.P.L & S.S.L First Aid Class

Categories: Central Events

Unit leader, senior patrol leader and shaheen scout leader 3rd Firstaid Training class was scheduled on 12th may at Ibrahim Mohallah division 5. The meeting was conducted by the committee members namely

  1. M. Ali Asghar Bhai Amaan
  2. M. Ali Asghar Sami wala
  3. Moiz Bhai 
  4. Yousuf Bhai Mazhar 
  • The Class was conducted by the professional FirstAider M. Abbas Bhai Hakimi 
  • The class started at 11 am sharp and came to an end at 12:15
  • The topic for the day was type of Wounds and treatment for Poison and drugs.
  • The class went very well and members learned a lot out of it.
Author: BAC-7 Mohammadi Mohallah