Shehr-e-Ramazan ul Moazzam 1436H – Adam Mohallah – Division 1

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15th July 2015
From 1st Ramazan members of Div 1 Adam mohallah were called up for the duty at 06:30 pm for the clearance of masjid complex. Vigilance Group members were called earlier for parking arrangement and clear out masjid surroundings from public vehicles. Members perform duty from 1st roza at M.A Jinnah road for crossing before and after namaz. Guards, scouts and shaheen members div 1 perform khidmat of water bottles distribution.

Nazafat Kullo minal imaan” Burhani , scouts, and shaheen members performed nazafat khidmat after iftar. After namaz member perform duty till all public walk out to tayabyah jamaat khana for Jaman. Members also managed tayabyah Jamat Khana Road traffic.

At 12th roza, 28th June 2015 wajeebat bethak took place at Adam masjid. Ameer-ul-momineen Maulana Ali a.s Shahadat Waaz Mubarak on 19th Roza 5th July 2015, before and after Aqa Molla TUS Waaz Mubarak all members performed security and other arrangements for that day with khulus and alla khidmat niyat.

During Waaz burhani guards and scouts members perform different duty including Al-Tamreez. On 19th Raat Aqa Maula TUS niaz mubarak members perform ta’am and hand washing khidmat at tayabyah jammat khana.

On 25TH Ramazan Burhani Guards Adam Mohallah achieve sharaf for Niaz. All members perform Ta’am khidmat for niaz.












Author: BAC-1 Adam Mohallah