Shaheen Scout Activity on Sunday 11th Mar 2018 – Division 16 – Al Mohallah-tul-Fakhriya

Categories: Fakhri Mohallah (Division-16)

Shaheen activity held at Markaz on 11th Mar 2018. Activity started with:
1) Quran Recitation
2) Shaheen Promise
3) Drill
4) Game 1
Ribbons were tied on the back of members as a tail and things were hidden in some area, members have to find hidden things and also have to save their tails to remain in the game. As members were getting out area becomes smaller than previous.

5) Game 2
Members put ballon between their chest and run from a start point to end point.

We will be back with some more entertainment and new activities inshallah.

Author: BAC-16 A.M Fakhri Mohallah