Scouts Trip to WWF Wetland Center

Categories: Domestic Events,Yousufi Mohallah (Division-4)

Division IV (In collaboration with Division XIII and VII) organized a trip to the World Wildlife Fund Wetland Center located at the mangrove plantations at Sand Spit on 17th March, 2013.
Scouts of Division IV and XIII participated whereas Shaheen were participating from Divivsion VII. The total strength was of 50 members with 7 senior members managing the troop.
The day started at 7:45 am for Division IV and XIII. All members gathered at Yousuf iMohallah, and climbed aboard our pre-arranged bus. We left the Mohallah at 8:00, and went to Soldier Bazaar to join the members from Division VII. There, we conducted a fall-in the members were briefed on the planned activities, and on the expected code of conduct.
We then left for the Wetland Center, reaching there at 10:00 am. We started with beach cleaning. The members were divided into 5 teams. Each member was given a plastic glove, and each team was given a WWF sack. The teams were then assigned specific areas on the beach, which they then cleared of all non-biodegradable pollution that visitors to the beach leave behind. As per farmaan of AliQadr Maula this nazafat activity was a great learning experience with khushi Mubarak of Maula TUS.
After the beach was clean (half an hour later), the members were led in single file on a wooden walkway through the mangrove plantation to the WWF Wetland Center Building, where they sat in the briefing room. After a brief refreshment period, the members viewed a documentary on the mangrove and wildlife population, especially turtles. After the documentary, the instructors conducted a presentation on the importance of maintaining nature and preserving our mangrove forests. An interactive question answer session followed.
The members were then served lunch , after which they were led to the plantation area, where pre-prepared saplings were waiting. Each member planted one mangrove tree. In accordance with the wishes of Aaliqadar Mufaddal Moula, we particularly stressed upon the members the importance of this activity.
The tree planting formally concluded the activities by the WWF. After a brief photo shoot, the members were led to the beach for tug of war, and an extended beach activity at the water’s edge. After about an hour at the beach in total, the members were led back to the bus. Everyone was back home by about 3:00 pm.
Through this trip, the members learned a great deal about the local wildlife, and what their part could be in preserving it. More importantly, however, they fulfilled Aaliqadar Mufaddal Moula’s wishes by each planting a mangrove tree and conducting cleaning activities to help protect the nature and environment. To top it off, the members all had a lot of fun in the process.

Author: BAC-4 Yousufi Mohallah