Ramazan-Ul-Moazzam – 1436H – Division 8

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Our team successfully managed all the events and duties of this Holy Month. Each and every member is filled with jazba of Khidmat of Our Beloved AQA MAULA (T.U.S) and mumineen. The members of Burhani Ambulance Corps are known for their esteemed khidmat.

Before Ramazan we started our preparations of duties i.e. arrangement of security, public and traffic flow management and Nazafat of Masjid.

“Preparation for Ramazan”



From the 1st day of Ramazan-ul-Moazzam, members of Burhani Ambulance Corps were advised to report at 6:30 pm sharp to manage the vehicle parking, security arrangements, maintaining discipline especially in children, Shoe stalls for mumineen, Iftar distribution and Rahat sitting arrangements.


Furthermore, after Maghrib Namaz members of Burhani Shaheen collected the wrappers from mumineen and maintained the Masjid Nazafat as per Farmaan Mubarak of our beloved AQA SYEDNA MAULANA ABU JAAFAR-US-SADIQ AALI QADAR MUFADDAL SAIFUDDIN (T.U.S).


“Wrapper Collection”


Moreover, all members of BAC attended Bayan of Janab Amil Sahab Mufaddal (B.S)


“Talaqqi of Bayan Mubarak”


We managed the flow of public outside the Masjid premises and control traffic at specific points like, Masjid Street and Hyderi Market road.


“Public Flow Management & Security”

R-6 R-7

“Burhani Scouts organized Iftar for the Mohallah mumineen, on 19th night Shahadat of MAULANA ALI (A.S)”

R-8 R-9



On auspicious occasion of Lailat-ul-Qadar and Milad Mubarak of SYEDNA AALI QADAR MUFADDAL SAIFUDDIN (T.U.S), we organized a birthday cake in our Mohallah, also like every year we provided pick and drop services to aged and handicapped patients for the Barakat of Waseela Mubarak of OUR BELOVED AQA MAULA (T.U.S)


“Khidmat of Aged, Handicapped, patients, etc”

R-10 R-11

“Cake Ceremony”

R-13 R-12

On 23rd of Ramazan-ul-Moazzam, we invited District Officers for Dinner with Janab Amil Saheb MUFADDAL (B.S)


“Dinner Invitation to District Officers”

R-14 R-15

As per farmaan Mubarak of OUR BELOVED AQA MAULA SYEDNA AALI QADAR MUFADDAL SAIFUDDIN (T.U.S), all members of Burhani Guards, Burhani Scouts and Burhani Shaheen pledged to being punctual in all Waaz Mubarak and Aza Majlis of IMAM HUSSAIN (A.S) in Moharram-ul-Harram, as well as all our members will attend complete ASBAAQ after Ramazan-ul-Moazzam



R-17 R-16

In the end; we pray that our AQA Maula TUS lives till the day of judgement. Ameen

Author: BAC-8 Al-Mohallatul-Mohammadiyah