Ramazan 1438 Hijri Adam Mohallah

Categories: Adam Mohallah (Division-1),Domestic Events

  • 4 Namaz Centres are under Burhani Guards (AdamMohallah),
    • AdamMasjid
    • Badri Masjid
    • Faiz-e-Hussaini Masjid (Old)
    • Ramadan Namaz in Qazi Khan Saheb Compound (Light House)
  • Water filling in 1.5 liters bottle approx 400 bottle daily & its distribution before magrib prayers.
  • Flow management outside masjid & its surrounding includes two main road before & after prayers magrib.
  • Niyaz Khidmat with Shabab members.
  • Wajebat Takhmeem duty (daily).
  • Qaffarat Wheat distribution duty at tayyabiya.
  • For new admission in scout and shaheen video was played in masjid for letting their children to be a part of this platfrom.
  • Masjid Adaab Duty in between Magrib and Esha Namaz.
  • Lailatul Qadar Tazeen with Masjid Committee.
  • Iftar biscuits / Tea distribution and Mawaid Khidmat.
  • Misaq Majlis Management.
  • Wajebat Adaigi Management .
  • Daily bihori namaz duty from 11.45pm to 02.45pm.


Author: BAC-1 Adam Mohallah