Ramadhan – 1436H – Division III – Al-Mohallah-tul-Burhaniyah

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The month of blessings, ibadat and khidmat is ended as we Burhani Guards, Scouts and MTC members did our best to perform khidmat and provide momineen with best of the facilities, parking arrangements and security.
Some main points which we covered during the holy month of Ramadhan are:

– We made sure that NO PARKING had been done in the surroundings of masjid, not near both the entry and exit gates of momineens and a special area was picked for parking which was managed by the MTC members.
– Burhani Scouts managed the back side of the masjid complex gate and the parking area near that.


– The flow of momineens was managed by the Burhani guards  on front gate of the masjid complex where maximum no. of momineens entered and exiedt from masjid.
– Scouts managed the flow of momineens on the back gate of masjid facilitating them to reach home easily and comfortably.
– The main concern for the holy month of Ramadhan was security as we all know the law and order situation of our city. We did our level best to secure our mohallah with barricades and members were present on all the check points from where the unknown vehicles and persons entered the surrounding of Masjid.
– Police and rangers were also present on duty points with members to ease the situation and rangers also visited our mohallah.
– Members of Burhani Guards patrolled the area on bikes ensuring that no mishap occurred with momineens during their way to home.
Members did khidmat on other centers too which was Ahmed market where they managed the security arrangements for momineens.
– Members of Guards, Scouts and MTC actively participated in Vajebat khidmat.
– Whenever the Bethak for vajebat takmeem and adaygi was called by the Jamat, members performed khidmat with them to facilitate momineens in the best possible way.
– Members performed duty on the occasion of Waaz of Shahadat of Moulana Ali (AS).
– Members also performed duty in Misaaq Majlis.
– Janab SHK SHABBIR BHAI inspected the Mohallah on 21st of Ramadhan and visited all the entry and exit points and appreciated the guards, scouts and MTC members for their dedication towards khidmat..
– Burhani Guards, Scouts and MTC and ladies guides members contributed and did Iftaar niyaz on 18th of Ramadhan.
– Members performed duty in Fajar, Zohar and Magrib namaz and reporting was done on all times on time for members to maintain their record.
• Special light arrangements were done by us.
• Daily niyaz distributed by us to police.
• SHO visited area reguarly.
• Members performed duty during iftaar.
• During behori members performed duty.
• Zohfa camp on Laila-tul-Qadar was managed by Burhani Scouts.
• Members performed bayan talaki.
In the end we pray that in next Ramadhan we perform duty with more nashat and serve momineens with our khidmat.

Author: BAC-3 Al-Mohallatul-Burhaniyah