Ramadan-ul-Moazzam 1436H – Division 16 – Fakhri Mohallah

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By the grace of Allah Subhana-hoo, waseela of Panjatan Pak (A.S), Aaimat Tahireen and Duat Mutlaqeen (R.A) and Dua Mubarak of our Mushfiq Bawa Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (R.A) who taught us the right path to follow and right deeds to do; And his Mansoos Syedna Abu Jafar-us-Sadiq Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin (T.U.S) teaching us greatest way to follow the right path and perform right deeds which will surely take us to our home in Jannat. May Allah grant Him (TUS) long life and best of health, Aameen, we the members of Burhani Ambulance Corps Division XVI are in service of Dawat and Momineen at day and night.

We are very lucky that we got the sharaf of doing khidmat of our beloved AQA MAULA (TUS) in the holy month of Sherullah-il-Moazzam. Keeping this auspicious and memorable event in our mind we tried our best to attain the khushi of our AQA MAULA (TUS). We Abeed-e-Syedna (TUS) performed khidmat with Great Nishat and competency and try to uplift our members in deeni umoor also.

Allah says in Quran (Al-Baqarah, 2:183)

“Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those  before you, that you many learn piety and righteousness” .

  • Preparation For Ramadan:

According to Maula`s farman we Abeed-e-Syedna (TUS) started our preparations before the very first day considering the ohbat and importance of this month.

Our members performed various khidmats in Ramadan with their heart and soul. Members reported at 6:30 pm sharp in masjid arena and performed their duties till momineen reached their home safely.

We prepared our members in various ways and in deeni umoor also so they can perform better khidmat in coming future.

  • Deeni Umoor:

As we all know that SHEHRULLAH-IL-MOAZZAM is the month of ibadat and tilawat-e-quran our members will do the following amals of deen and get the blessings and dua of our AQA MAULA (TUS).

  • Namaz Pabandi
  • Shariyat Pabandi
  • Tilawat-e-Quran Pak
  • Behori Namaz

Following were the different khidmats performed in SHEHRULLAH-IL-MOAZZAM in our mohallah by our members:

  • Office Work:

Our office working staff daily opened office at 6:00 pm. Daily reporting time for all members was 6:30 pm. Office work was done quite sophisticatedly which included the reporting of members, the issuing of wireless sets, reflector jackets and torches etc.

  • Iftar Distribution:

Our scouts and shaheen members distributed biscuits and khajoor’s to momineen on iftar counter one by one by standing at the masjid gate. Members also distributed water bottles on masalla’s and after magrib namaz they distribute tea with the help of other khidmat guzar’s.

  • Biscuit Wrappers Collection:

After Iftar members collected biscuit wrappers from the masjid and sehan in order to keep the Masjid clean.

  • Maintaining Discipline During Bayan:

Our members performed duties to maintain discipline in markaz during bayan especially controlling children nuisance and maintaining proper seating arrangements during bayan.

  • Parking Management:

Members made sure that parking of vehicles was done in such a systematic way, that every vehicle could move out of its parked space quite easily and they also kept them safe from thieves. Daily around 60 to 65 motor bikes parking and 30 to 35 motor car parking was arranged for mumineens.

  • Security Arrangements:

Daily our P.R committee members reported at markaz in civil at 5:30 pm and thoroughly checked surroundings of markaz and also daily 1 police mobile and 2 hawaldaars were deputed permanently at the front of markaz ground.

  • Mawaid Duty:

Soon after the Namaz, members performed the duty of Mawaid khidmat for salawat Jaman daily.

  • Markaz Tazeen:

Our members also participated with jaan and maal and performed tazeen khidmat in markaz along with the tanzeem committee members for the khushi and dua mubarak of our Aqa Maula(t.u.s) Syedna Aaliqadar Mufaddal Saifuddin  (T.U.S)

  • Vajebaat Duties :

We also did the khidmat of envelop printing and wajebaat bethak. so as per requirement daily two members bring their laptops to serve momeenin with printing of the vajeebaat envelops.

  • Misaq Majlis Duties at Markaz and Al-Jamea tus Saifyah :

 Members perform the duties in the Misaaq Majlis at markaz for proper nizaam.

  • Patrolling:

 As per the conditions of our city we did great focus on security issues before and after the bayan by patrolling our mohallah. From the reporting time till momineen leave the markaz for home; our members constantly patrolled the whole mohallah cautiously and with proper co-ordination with law enforcement officials.

  • Rahat Facility:

 Our members arranged rahat facility for old aged and handicapped momineen during the namaz, bayan and niaz jaman.

  • Lailatul Qadar & Milad-Dai-Uz Zaman (TUS):

On 23rd night of Ramazan after vasheq member were allotted duties for Sick Men Aid services to bring Momineen from their homes who could not come by themselves because of any reason to listen the graceful words or our AQA MOULA live from India and to be part of the Dua’s recited by AQA MOULA t.us.

  • Eid-ul-Fitr Raat and Day:

Members reported before the namaz on Eid-ul-Fitr Raat and Day and perform the daily duties. Silat-ul-Imam AS and Najwa per given by each and every member.

After the end of Khutba and Waseela, all Burhani Guards members went to Janab Amil Saheb Shk. Abbas Naik and did shukar Salam.

Appreciation gifts were given to Scouts and Shaheen members by Amil Saheb.

Al-Jamia-tus-Safiyah Duty during Sherullah-il-Moazzam

Our ten members regularly performed duty at Al-Jamia-tus-Safiyah to perform same duty as we performed in markaz.

Following duties were performed by members in Al-Jamia-tus-Safiyah:

  • Maintain discipline in Al-Jamia-tus-Safiyah during bayan Mubarak
  • Proper Parking Facility for Momineen
  • Flow Management
  • Patrolling
  • Taam Committee Khidmat
  • Misak Duty

As Burhani guards has its impact on all other khidmats also, we got the sharaf of doing iftari khidmat on 23rd night as per SYEDNA AALI QADR MUFADDAL SAIFUDDIN (T.U.S) Farmaan-e-aali we also provided Dairy Milk to children and provided dry fruits to momineen.

Members also performed daily ziyarat at Al-Jamia-tus-Safiyah with the niyyat that our Aqa Maula(t.u.s) arrives in Karachi and we abeed-e-syedna perform khidmat with more nishaat, jaan and maal and get blessed with the dua mubarak of maula (t.u.s).

In the end we adnaa ghulaam of Huzurala (TUS) pray for His long life along with sehat and aafiyat and pray that we the momineen of Karachi get the sharaf of our beloved AQA MOULA (TUS) deedar and qadam bosi in near future (Ameen). 


Author: BAC-16 A.M Fakhri Mohallah