Ramadan-ul-Moazzam 1436H – Division 10 – Essa Mohallah

Categories: Domestic Events,Essa Mohallah (Division-10)

Burhani Ambulance Corps Division 10 (GUARDS + SCOUTS + SHAHEEN) performed the following Khidmat during the Month of Ramadan 1436H:

1. Masjid Safai
2. Iftar & Chai Khidmat
3. Security Control in Fajr, Zohr/Asr, Maghrib & Bihori Namaz
4. Masjid Discipline during Namaz
5. Wajebaat Takhmeen Bethak Duty
6. Shahadat Amirul Mumineen Waaz Duty
7. Masjid Tazeen in Layali Fadela & Lailat-ul-Qadr

May Allah Subhanuhu give us more strength to perform Khidmat of our Moula (T.U.S) and grant our Aqa Moula (T.U.S) a long, healthy and prosperous life till the day of Judgement. AMEEN

Author: BAC-10 Essa Mohallah