Ramadan 1440H- Division III – AMB

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Pre-Ramadan Working:
As we drew closer to the Holy month of Ramadan ul moazzam, we individuals from Burhani Ambulance Corps DIV III are combine doing endeavors and khidmat to encourage and facilitate Mumineen as much as we can. The getting ready for Ramadan was begun 15 days preceding pehli raat. With coordination of metropolitan town office we fix, keep up and furthermore put in new lights where it was required in the whole mohallah and furthermore ask them to clean whole mohallah with their machinery and labor. Meetings with different committees, Ayaan ul Jamaat and Amil Sahab was also done in between these days for proper planning and execution.
As we have the biggest populace regarding mumineen in Karachi and furthermore we need to cover a substantial territory generally, we require a great deal of individuals to cook this. With coordination of Burhani Guards, Burhani Scouts, Burhani MTC, Burhani Girls Guide and furthermore Burhani Vigilance, we Masha Allah can cook the whole region without obstacles. Our primary obligation focuses incorporates Husami Masjid and its encompassing, Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah, Ahmed Market and its encompassing and now the new mohallah Burhani Bagh as well. We have partitioned 4 fundamental groups that cater four diverse zones. Meeting with law enforcement agencies was also held in order to ensure full security for our mumineen. They deployed their personnel to Masjid surrounding in order to prevent any sort of mishap.

Police Officials Visit:
Officials from Police department visit Husami Masjid before starting of Ramadan. They discussed about security plan regarding Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah. They were served niyaz after meeting with BAC members and Ayaan ul Jamaat.

Start of Ramadan (Pehli Raat)
The first official duty began on pehli raat namaz at 6.15pm. On the next day from Fajar namaz, our members were asked to come prior to namaz timings in order to ensure safety and proper parking. This routine was also followed in Zohar namaz and then in Magrib Namaz the usual reporting time of 6:15 was set for all members. Members were then called to offer prayer and were sent back to their designated duties after prayer. In order to ensure safety and security, members were asked to stand on duty until and unless every mumin reach their home or vicinity. After that members were called off to take niyaz and then were dismissed. This routine of whole day was general timings and guidelines for entire Ramadan.

Welcoming of Ibrahim Bhai Saheb:
On 6th may 2019, i.e. 2nd Ramadan Ul Moazzam, we welcomed Janab Ibrahim Bhaisaheb bin Mukasir Dawat Syedi Quaid Johar Bhaisaheb Ezzuddin. Our members including senior core staff and Division members received Bhaisaheb from airport. From next day, Bhaisaheb took Amalat of Al- Mohallatul Burhaniyah Husami Masjid. A maqdam majlis was held in Husami Masjid on 3rd of Ramadan to welcome Bhaisaheb.

Wajebaat Bethak:
From 3rd Ramadan, a wejabaat takhmeem bethak was held in Darul Imarat from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Members from all groups took active participation in this bethak to facilitate mumineen at most. A similar sort of bethak was also held in night after niyaz jaman from 9.30pm to 10.30pm for takhmeem purpose. This routine of Wajeebat takhmeem was continued on upcoming days as well. On that similar night, a meeting was held in BAC office between zonal heads and Burhani MTC div III to discuss further plan and to implement them perfectly.
On 12th of Ramazan, a wajebaat adayegi bethak was held in Darul Emarat. Members from each group actively participate in this khidmat in order to facilitate mumineen at this deed. Around 150 people araz their wajebaat to Syedi Ibrahim Bhaisaheb.
On 15th of Ramazan, another wajebaat bethak was held in Darul Emarat, this time it was on Sunday and ample members showedup for duty. They were asked to join duty at 9:30 am in the morning and was continued till Zohar Asar Prayer. Around 150 mumineen araz wajebaat to Syedi Ibrahim Bhaisaheb.

Similar to above duties, another wajebaat adayegi bethak was held in Darul Emarat on 20th Ramadan. This time it was held after zohar asar prayer at 3:00 P.m. Janab Ibrahim Bhaisaheb collect wajebaat from mumineen and also bestowed Tashreef Hadya to mumineen.
In between these days, duties of takhmeem bethak were performed regularly by our members.

Ibrahim Bhai Saheb Visit to Al-Jamea Tus Saifiyah:
On 4th of Ramadan, Bhaisaheb visit Al-Jamea tus Saifiyah to do Ziyarat. BAC members also accompanied Bhaisaheb from where Bhaisaheb and team went for ziyafat at a momin house. This routine of ziyafat carried every day from wherever Bhaisaheb offer prayers.

Medical Camp:
On 8th of Ramadan i.e. 12th of May, BAC DIV III organized a Medical camp for Mumineen to ensure good health of mumineen. It was organized in Mohammedi Hall Burhani Jamaat Khana where senior doctors accompanied with qualified health staff gave consultation to mumineen and also did Bone Mineral Density (BMD) free for all. Also consultation and awareness lecture given regarding breast disease to muminaat by experience and senior doctors. After consultation, discount was also given for those muminaat who needed Mammography testing from Saify Hospital.

On 14th Ramazan, another medical camp was setup for mumineen facility at Burhani Bagh Hall. As held before this camp also had consultation of senior doctors who gave away valuable advice and consultation to mumineen. Also Bone Mineral Density (BMD) test was held free for all mumineen. For awareness and knwledge regarding breast diseases, team of qaulified doctors gave valuable lecture regarding this topic to muminaat ladies. For those muminaat who needed Mammography test, they were given dicsount on colloboration with Saify Hospital.

Amil Sahab Janab Shabbir Bhaisaheb Emaadi also visit Medical camp and take guidance from doctors and senior staff regarding camp and its facilities. Amil Sahab appreciate BAC efforts to facilitate mumineen as per AQA MOULA TUS farmaan.

Tijarat-e-Rabeha Session:
On 5th of Ramazan i.e 9th may, a meeting was between Jamea Asataza and BAC members regarding Husaini Scheme Tijarat-e-rabeha and Aqa Moula TUS farmaan regarding business deeds. A brief lecture was given to members regarding this topic in which members were urge to open account in Husaini Qardan Hasana Scheme.

Meesaq Majlis:
On 14th Ramazan, a meesaaq majlis was held in Husami Masjid and all other related centre. Members were asked to report at Husami Masjid and then were dissmenate at their centres after Ahde Oulia.

Shahadat Imam Ali (A.S):
On 19th Ramadan, on the day of Shahadat Imam Ali (A.S), members were ask to report 9.30 a.m in complete uniform. Members were then dissemninate to their alotted duties including parking, security, gates, flow management and sorroundings. Members were then ask to do waaz tallaqi at 10.30 a.m and to supervise all their duties to law enforecment agencies. After waaz completion, members were again rush to their alloted points and remain active till all mumineen arrive back to their vicinity. Later that day, members availed oppurtunity to distribute Thaal in Jamaat Khana with Ibrahim Bhaisaheb. That day Niyaz izan was from AQA MOULA (TUS) and members take active part in performing khimat.
Bayaan Tallaqi and Sabaq:
In this holy month, members were advised to do tallaqi of Bayaan from Ibrahim Bhaisaheb and in every centre. Members were used to take off from duty before magrib namaz and used to listen bayaan mubarak. Similarly after Namaz, members daily attend matam majlis with Janab Ibrahim Bhaisaheb. Few of our members also attend Haqiqat sabaq from Bhaisaheb after fajar namaz in Aiwan-e-Huzaifa.

Lailatul Qadar:
As we approach the all bestowed night of Lailatul Qadar, we BAC members not only vowed to perform prayers but also vowed to bring each and every mumineen to Masjid. Our members collected data of those who are not been able to attend any prayers dur to physical problem. Our members after niyaz jaman pick those mumineen from home and drop them to Masjid. Similarly after sehori, our members did it again vice versa. Other than this, members were allotted to do duty in sorroundings to prevent any sort of mishap. Other than this, Burhani MTC did khidmat of najwa envelopes distribution and collection before and after Esha Namaz.

Akhir Jumoa and Eid Ul Fitr:
As we progress further after Lailatul Qadar, our main duty remaining are Akhir Jumao Namaz duty in afternoon and Eid ul Fitr. We have planned these duties in advance and called members and law enforcement agencies accordingly. In between these days, routine duties are allotted as usual and also wajebaat bethak would be done for those who havent submitted yet.

In the end we pray that Khuda Taa’la give a healthy and prosperous life to our Beloved Aqa Moula (T.U.S) Syedna wa Moulana Aali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin (T.U.S) till the day of qayamat, and to give us strength and power to perform Khidmat more than 100% every time. Ameen

Author: BAC-3 Al-Mohallatul-Burhaniyah