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Sunday classes Burhani Shaheen Group -Division 1- Adam Mohallah

17 July 2016 Div 1 Shaheen class was held at adam masjid. Was the 1st class after ramzdan as well as for new members. The Attendance was excelent. Activities held were,  Introduction Speech by everyone.  grouping was announced. dogging the Ball was played.



On Urus mubarak of Moulatuna Hurratul Maleka AQ, our duty reporting time was 07:30 pm. We performed our duties as usual. After duty the meeting was held for Ramazan khidmat.


Ramazan Preparation – Division 16 – A.M Fakhriyah

Ramazan preparation started at Fakhri Mohallah. Burhani Guards, Scouts and Shaheen members worked together in cleaning and filling of water bottles. Members also did Khajoor Packing. Scout and Shaheen meeting held about ramazan duties. Tamreez members check wheel chairs and every things for use during month of Ramazan.


Shehr-e-Ramazan-ul-Moazzam – 1437H – Al–Mohallah-Tul-Burhaniyah – Division III

Shehr-e-Ramazan-ul-Moazzam – 1437H –Al–Mohallah-Tul-Burhaniyah – Division III This report is a summary of what we did in the month of SHERE-RAMAZAN-UL- MOAZAM 1437H Members of Burhani Ambulanace Corps Division III yet again fulfilled their responsibility for Dawat, Momineen and Al-Mohallah-Tul-Burhaniyah by doing Khidmat with nishaat and helped facilitate momineen in the best possible way. Burhani…


23mi Raat Tazeen Khidmat-SALEH MOHALLAH-DIVISION 9

27/06/2016 On The Auspacious Occasion Of Lailatul Qadr Burhani Scouts & Guards Member Prepare Tazeen,Replica Of Ashara 1437h Tazeen,With The Touch Of Milad Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS & Lailatul Qadr.


Sherullah il Moazzam – 1437H – Division 16 – A.M. Fakhriya

During the Sherullah il Moazzam ayaam and Ba-Barkat days, we members of Division 16 Guards, Scouts and Shaheen doing both fulfilling the Deeni Umoors and also performing Khidmat with Khuloos and Nishat to get the Khushi Mubarak of Aqa Maula (TUS) at two location : Markaz Fakhriya and Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah Daily Reporting time for…


Ramadhan Khidmat 1437h-SALEH MOHALLAH-DIVISION 9

20/06/2016 Burhani Scouts Div-9 Performed Multiples Khidmats As Follows: 1) First Aid & Lost And Found 2) Water Refilling 3) Rahat Khidmat 4) Flow Management & Security 5) 23mi Raat Tazeen 6) Sillat To All Members


Inter Divisional Summer Olympics – Division 16 – A.M Fakhriyah

As per the Farman Mubarak of Syedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin Maula (TUS) that Mumineen have to be active in healthy activities and play outdoor games like Cricket, Football and other sports activities etc for the betterment of their health and for the fitness of their bodies. Therefore, Burhani Scouts Group Division 16 organize a…


Scout Nightout Picnic 2016-SALEH MOHALLA-DIVISION 9

05/07/2016 As Per Every Year This Year Also Division-9 Scouts Organized Nightout Picnic At Al-Burhan Farm House On 1st & 2nd Day Of Eid-Ul-Fitr With Mouth Watering Food And Lots Of Entertainment After Performing Khidmat In Holy Month Of Ramadhan. All Scouts And Shaheen Members Enjoyed Alot.

Shab-e-Meraaj – 1437H

Reporting time was 10:00 AM. Members were disputed to their respective duty points. Majlis start at 10:30 am. Members were tallaqi waaz mubarak. Police Mobile were survey entire masjid area surroundings. Majlis end after performing Zohr Asr namaz. Members reputed their respective duty points.