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Urus Syedna Noor Mohammed Nooruddin – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

4th-May-2014- Urus Majlis on eve of Urus Syedna Noor Mohammed Nooruddin (RZ) was started on 7:45 pm. Members were informed to report at Magrib Esha Namaz. After Namaz members  were allotted the duties . Members performed various Khidmat like Security, Flow Management, Handicap and Parking. Niaz Jaman was served after majlis to mumineen.


Milaad Majlis Amirul Mumineen A.S 1435H – Essa Mohallah – Division 10

11th May, 2014 – Reporting time for Khushi Majlis was 07:30 PM All Members reported in Uniform on time and were deputed to their respective points of Duty. The Whole Street of the Masjid was covered with Kana’aat and blocked with barricades. Khushi Majlis started at 08:00 PM and ended at 10:00 PM with Sawalat…

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Urus Syedna Tahir Saifuddin R.A -Waaz-Zikra Majlis-1435H-Adam Mohallah-Division 1

18th May   2014 On the event of Urus Syedna Tahir Saifuddin R.A -Waaz-Zikra Majlis reporting time for duty was 08:30am. Members were present in uniform. Members were allotted for duties by our Area Captain. Members performed their duties on Main Road, Parking, Badri Masjid and for Adam Masjid Surrounding for Security & make people cross the road towards…



Our member covered the sewerage water with the help of gravel to make easy way for pedestrian. Members attended zikra waaz Help handicap person to reach easily to their home. Standing on road for vigilance and help mumineen to cross the road Parked bike in sequence in order to utilize minimum space for maximum bikes.


Sports Activity – Burhani Mohallah – Division 13

11th may 2014 members of burhani scout 13 went to jamea.  Members went for swimming first at khaimat ur riyazat and after that the members went to AMSB sports complex for playing games. Members played different indoor games volley ball,table tennis,snooker .  


Scout Summer Hike Activity (Division-III)

11 May 2014 –Summer hike held at 10:00 am, all members has to report at AMSB hyderi Campus. All members are participated in this hike, hike routed from AMSB hyderi to nadra office , nadra office to police station and from police station to al burhan circle. Hike ended at Al Burhan Circle . Result…


Burhani Shaheen Inter Division Cricket Tournament

11th may 2014, Burhani Ambulance corps has organised Burhani Shaheen Inter Division Cricket Tournament, 7 divisions participated in this tournament, each team has to play 2 pool matches on basis of pool matches result teams qualified for semi finals and then final. Final was played between Div no 7 (Mohammadi Mohallah) and Div no 16…


Burhani Scout Inter Division Volley Ball Tournament

4th May 2014, Burhani Ambulance Corps has organized Burhani Scouts Inter Division Volley Ball Tournament at Nadil-e-Burhani (Sports Complex).  5 Scouts unit participated in this tournament, each team has to play 4 pool matches, on basis of pool matches result team will be qualify for final. Div No.2 (Taheri Mohallah) and Div No.3 (Al-Mahallatul Burhaniyah)…



On the occasion of Urus Mubarak of SYEDNA ISMAIL BADRUDDIN (R.A), members were called on duty at 7:00 pm. Members reported at Masjid main gate and  were sent to Masjid to offer prayers. After that, they were allotted duties on B1, B2, main gate, back gate, parking and security.