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Preparations for Tashreef Awri of Aqa Moula (T.U.S) at Essa Masjid

As we all know that we witnessed a memorable trip of Aali Qadr Moula (T.U.S) in this Ramadan, Aqa Moula (T.U.S) bestowed the Sharaf of Tashreef Awri at Essa Masjid after 10 years on Saturday 15th Ramadan 1435H, 12th July, 2014 after Fajr Namaz. In this regard, Members of Burhani Guards actively participated in doing…


Urus Raat Majlis Moulatuna Hurrat ul Maleka – Essa Mohallah – Division 10

19th June, 2014 – Reporting time for Urus Majlis was 07:30 PM All Members reported in Uniform on time and were deputed to their respective points of Duty. The Whole Street of the Masjid was covered with Kana’aat and blocked with barricades. Urus Majlis started at 08:00 PM and ended at 10:00 PM with Sawalat Niaz after…


We performed duties on following duty points at Burhani Mahal around 24 hours during Aqa Maula (T.U.S) visit from 07-07-2014 to 14-07-2014: 1. Insida Mahal Gate 2. Near Shehzada Ammar Bhaisahab stay place 3. Burhani Mahal Main Gate 4. Burhani Mahal Base 5. Sehri & Iftari arrangement team 6. Center Barricade 7. Main Road 8….