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Scout Training Class – Burhani Mohallah – Division 13

30th march 2014 scout training class was held at 10:00 am. At the start of the class drill was done. After that lashing practice was done by the members and knots were revised. At the end of the class cricket match was played between two patrols.


Misaq Majlis At Adam Masjid-Adam Mohallah-Division 1

14th February 2014   Reporting time for Misaq Majlis 14th Rabiul Aakhar was 7.00pm. All Members were allotted to their Respected duties before majlis. With Coordination of Guards, Scout & MTC the Barricades were placed in masjid one day before Misaq. All members took barakaat of Misaq majlis in masjid . After Misaq & during Safaqat…


Milad-e-Imam uz Zaman Majlis & Waaz 1435H-Adam Mohallah-Division 1

03 February 2014 & 04th February 2014 On the event of Milad e Imam uz Zaman reporting time for duty was 07:00pm. Members were present in uniform. Members were allotted duties by our Captain. After Majlis an inspection was held at Adam Masjid by our Captain. After Jaman Members performed duties on their respective points…


Milad Dai- uz- Zaman Majlis 1435 – Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah, Division III

19th February 2014 Duty Timings for Majlis was 5:30 pm, Burhani Guards & Burhani Scouts Division III members were present to perform their duties on the  night of Milad-e-Dai-uz-Zaman which included Ladies and Gents Flow Management, Parking Guidance, Gates Security, Patrolling, Masjid Sitting Arrangements. Around 6:15pm members were sent to offer pray and attend Majlis( live…


Scout & Shaheen Training Class-Adam Mohallah-Division 1

16th February 2014 Sunday Scout & Shaheen was held at 09:30 am at Adam Masjid. Members Recite Quran e Majeed for Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin R.A. After recitation fall -in was formed. Class started  with Scout Promise. Drill was conducted Signaling Class was conducted by trainer. B P History, Flag History & National Anthem was dictated…


Recycling Competition – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

23-Febuary-2014-Burhani Scouts Division 9 had organised a competition which was named as “D9 GOT TALENT”,  Recycling Competition was Scheduled. In which Members of  Scout and Shaheen took part. Members made different projects using waste material . Winners of the competition will be announced later.