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Saheb-e-Dawat Visit at Essa Mohallah – Division 10

Burhani Ambulance Corps Division 10 performed the duty with Saheb-e-Dawat daily for 12 days from 19th Nov to 30th Nov 2014. Saheb-e-Dawat visited Essa Mohallah Mumineen Houses daily after Maghrib Namaz till 2 am at night. Burhani Guards members cordoned their team from start till the end at each and every house.


Saheb-e-Dawat visited Karate Classes at Essa Mohallah – Division 10

Janab Behlul BS visited Karate Classes being organized and conducted by Burhani Guards Division 10 at Essa Mohallah Complex on Tuesday 25th Nov 2014. Saheb-e-Dawat appreciated such activities in the Mohallah and urged Burhani Guards for more activities and indoor games  in the Mohallah.  


VISIT OF SAHIB E DAWAT At Adam Mohallah-Adam Mohallah-D.I.V.1

11th December 2014 Saheb e Dawat concluded his visits that aimed to spread barakat of Maula to momeneen’s residence of Adam Mohallah. Burhani Guards members performed duties with heart and soul under their commitment to dawat and Aqa Maula. The tireless efforts of Burhani Guard members and excellent planning made the event successful. The whole…


Burhani Car Rally & Carnival 2014

We would like to offer Sajadaatus shukr on the Countless barakaat we have been blessed with in this golden Saifee Burhani era. AQA MAULA (TUS) keeps bestowing on us numerous benedictions and showers of barakaat. AQA MAULA (TUS) has created various initiatives such as  the Faiz-e-Mawaid-e-Burhaniyah, Nazafat. and Sport Activities. Faiz Thaali has been enriching…


VISIT OF SAHIB E DAWAT At Adam Mohallah-adam Mohallah-D.I.V.1

03 December 2014 The Sahib e Dawat has started visiting homes of momeneen regularly. Members are performing duty on alternate days, assisting Saheb e Dawat at all times. Members were allocated in all buildings where the visit was planned, a smooth route was designed for the purpose. The respected sahib was really content with the…


VISIT OF SAHIB E DAWAT At Adam Mohallah-adam Mohallah-D.I.V.1

27th November 2014 Sahib e Dawat arrived for the first survey on Saturday, 22nd November 2014. The first survey began from the Saify Building- Adam Mohallah. Burhani Guard members performed duty in uniform and in civil as well. The Burhani Flute Band performed to present a warm welcome to Saheb e Dawat. All the houses…


Urus Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed R.A -1436H-Adam Mohallah-D.I.V. 1

18th November 2014 On the event of Urus Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed R.A-Waaz reporting time for duty was 06:45pm. Members were present in uniform & members were allotted for duties by our Area Captain. Members performed their duties on Main Road, Parking and for Adam Masjid Surrounding for Security & make people cross the road towards Tayyebya….