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Reporting time for the nightout was 10:00 p.m. at Al Nadil-e-Burhani. Maximum members of all the division’s reach till 10:30 p.m. As all the members reached the spot follow in was held in division wise. After the fallen four members were taken who will light up the mashal for camp fire. Then small entertaining activity…


Scouts Training Class – 21st December 2014 – Adam Mohollah – Div 1

21st December :- Burhani Scouts Group  training and activity class on Sunday. Class was held at Adam masjid at 10:15 am. We had drawn all the groups on board and complete the class of Signalling, then short demo was given to members and after class;  game was played between the members.    


Scouts Training Class – 16th November 2014 – Adam Mohollah – Div 1

16th November :- Burhani Scouts Group  training and activity class on Sunday. Class was held at Adam Masjid . Members were called at 9:45 a.m. Two troops were lined up and they had been given clue to reach the place and complete the task at that place. After the activity gift were distributed among the winners and the…


Chehlum Imam Hussain A.S – Majlis and Waaz 1436-H- Division III

On the occasion of Chehlum Imam Hussain A.S – Majlis and Waaz the reporting time was 5:30 pm. Guards, Scouts and officers of Shaheen were on duty and we covered the whole area of masjid  and its surroundings. Members also performed duty in misaq majlis ensuring all the momineens got no problems. After all the momineens got the…


Qadam Of Sahezada Saheb

Shaheza saheb visit Burhani Mohallah for Qadam and Ziafat in the Morning at 8am. The reporting time was 7.30 am. Members performed their duties in uniform. Members were allocated with their respective areas i.e Buildings in Masjid Society, bungalows and across the road. Members lift Palki for Sahezada Saheb respectively. Members Pick up plenty of…


Saheb-e-Dawat Visit at Essa Mohallah – Division 10

Burhani Ambulance Corps Division 10 performed the duty with Saheb-e-Dawat daily for 12 days from 19th Nov to 30th Nov 2014. Saheb-e-Dawat visited Essa Mohallah Mumineen Houses daily after Maghrib Namaz till 2 am at night. Burhani Guards members cordoned their team from start till the end at each and every house.


Saheb-e-Dawat visited Karate Classes at Essa Mohallah – Division 10

Janab Behlul BS visited Karate Classes being organized and conducted by Burhani Guards Division 10 at Essa Mohallah Complex on Tuesday 25th Nov 2014. Saheb-e-Dawat appreciated such activities in the Mohallah and urged Burhani Guards for more activities and indoor games  in the Mohallah.  


VISIT OF SAHIB E DAWAT At Adam Mohallah-Adam Mohallah-D.I.V.1

11th December 2014 Saheb e Dawat concluded his visits that aimed to spread barakat of Maula to momeneen’s residence of Adam Mohallah. Burhani Guards members performed duties with heart and soul under their commitment to dawat and Aqa Maula. The tireless efforts of Burhani Guard members and excellent planning made the event successful. The whole…