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Transfer of members from Shaheen to Scouts – Division 16 – Fakhri Mohallah

On 14th Nov following members were transferred from Shaheen to Scouts. 1) Huzaifa Bhai Ali Akber Bhai Shk. Jivanji 2) Abdeali Bhai Ali Akhber Bhai chapkhanawala 3) Mohammad Bhai Ali Asghar Bhai Dhorajeewala 4) Mufaddal Bhai Ali Asghar Bhai Godhrawala 5) Muffaddal Bhai Yousuf Bhai Pratabpurwala 6) Shabbir Bhai Huzaifa Bhai Motorwala 7) Adam Bhai…

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Buzurgo Tafreeh Program – Division 16 – Fakrhri Mohallah

Buzurgo Tafreeh program was organized on 27th Nov Wednesday for the age above 65 years. At about 8am we departed for Captain Farhan Ali Shaheed Park near Sea View Rd. The transportation facility in bus was available and the pick and drop from home for handicap’s in cars and vans. Once we got in the…

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Milad Un Nabi Raat Mubarak 1441H – DIV III – AMM

On the auspicious occasion Eid Milad Un Nabi 1441H, mumineen of Al Mohallah Tul Mohammediyah celebrate this miqaad with utmost passion and also with remembrance regarding teachings of Prophet Mohammed S.A.W (PBUH). On the night of Milad Burhani Pipe Band was played, children were enjoying, adults were in cheerful mood and niaz was served.


Picnic 2019-Saifee Mohallah-Division 14

Divison 14 organized the picnic at AlBashir Farm House for whole division including Guards, Scouts, Vigilance & Shaheen members. We reached the farmhouse at about 8:00pm and did the breakfast. After breakfast we did swimming and other enjoyment. Throughout the day members enjoyed with playing carrom, swimming, cricket & uno. Our officers also participated with…


Blood Donation Camp – Division VIII – AMM

Burhani Ambulance Corps has been involved in the service of Dawoodi Bohra Community and needs no introduction. For the last several years, we have been arranging different programs from which all can benefit; like providing medical services, organizing health awareness programs, arranging entertainment programs etc. We Burhani Ambulance Corps, Division VIII organized a successful Blood…


Clay Art Activity – Burhani Shaheen – Division VIII – AMM

Ceramic art is art made from ceramic materials, including clay. It may take forms including artistic pottery, including tableware, tiles, figurines and other sculpture. … The word “ceramics” comes from the Greek keramikos (κεραμικος), meaning “pottery”, which in turn comes from keramos (κεραμος) meaning “Potter’s Clay“. Members of Burhani Shaheen on Sunday does creative and healthy activity of “Potter’s Clay” at…


Milad-un-Nabi Waaz & Procession (SAW) – Div 16 – Fakhri Mohallah

The auspicious occasion of Milad un Nabi (SAW)  was celebrated with traditional religious zeal. A procession was set up with band display, fire lamps, flags, and banners inscribed with religious slogans to pay respect and reverence to the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Cake cutting ceremony was held. Band display by Burhani Flute Band. New ranks were…


1st Sindh Scout Rescue Rover Moot 22-27th Oct 2019

The Scout Moot is an event for (traditionally called Rovers) and other young adult members. Scout Moots provide an opportunity for young adults in Scouting to meet together with the objective of improving their Scouting skills. The 1st Sindh Scout Rescue Rover Moot was held from 22-27th October 2019 at Gulistan e Iqbal Sindh Association scouts…


Burhani Blood Donation Camp – Saifee Mohallah – Division 14

Blood Donation is one of the best gift we can give to someone, because its not only blood its a gift of life to someone. One pint of blood can save 3 lives. As per farman of our beloved Aqa Moula t.u.s On 26-oct-2019 we organized a Blood Donation camp at our Mohallah complex. Our…


Chelum Imam Hussain(AS) Waaz – DIV-III – AMB

CHELUM IMAM HUSSAIN A.S-WAAZ DIV-III (AMB) Members of MTC, Guards, Scouts, Vigilance and Ladies guide were called on duty at Husamiyah Masjid at 7:00 pm. Some of our Members also go to Burhani Bagh Hall. Scout control Masjid complex area. Guard and Vigilance members had complete control of the flow of traffic and movement of…