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Kenya Rover Moot 2010

The 13th world Rover Moot was held on 27th July 2010 and ended on 7th August 2010 4 member from Burhani Scouts were nominated for the delegation to represent Pakistan to the masses of all culture and to portray a positive image to the other rovers from different  Countries. Daniyal Shk Aliasghar Jorbai (DIV VII) Ammar Hussain Nagpurwala (DIV…


International Cadet Camp 2006 Srilanka – St Johns.

In July 2006, Burhani Guards was selected by St John Ambulance Brigade to represent in Srilanka as a  Pakistani Delegation of St. Johns. Burhani Guards welcomed the offer and a total of 8 members were selected to proudly represent the Country and Host the Flag of the country in another state. Names: Mulla Shabbir Bhai…