Eid e Milad un Nabi 1435H – Adam Mohallah – Division 1

Reporting time for Milad-un-Nabi (SAW) was 7:00 pm.  • Members were allotted to their respected duties. • Members were sent to Road, Parking & Gate Duties by the Area Captain. • After Majlis Burhani Shaheen Flute Band give Band Display outside the masjid. • Band also give their Band display at Tayabiyah jammat Khanna. •…


Shahadat Imam Hassan (A.S) – Adam Mohallah – Division 1

December 30, 2013- Activities of Div1-Adam Mohallah During Shahadat Imam Hassan (A.S) Members were deputed for duties at parking, masjid surroundings, City Court, Paper market, Campbell Street road crossings and at Tayyebi Jamaat Khana.Patrolling to distant residential areas at night for facilitating mumineen during commuting.Road blocking and barrication for security purposes.


Nazafat Duty – Adam Mohallah – Division 1

Division 1 office was opened at 11:00am All Guards & Scout members were gathered to perform their task. Members were divided into groups of two and sent to gather the waste for nazafat. Members started to bring the waste form different momineen houses. Few members were separating things at Adam Masjid. In the end the…


Nightout Program – Adam Mohallah – Division 1

28-December-2013- event was organized by Burhani Guard Div-1 at Adam Masjid. · Event started at 10:00 pm. · In the start a fall in was called, where 4 different groups were formed for competition · The event started with Tug Of War game between groups. · After game the members were given topics for tablo…


Aqa Mola Khatamul Quran 10 Days – Adam Mohallah – Division 1

21- January – 2014 To 30-January-2014 Daily reporting time for Majlis was as per Majlis Time. On orders of our Captain one group called in uniform for Duty. Members were sent to their respective Duties on Parking , Main Road and Main Gate before Majlis. After Majlis members were asked to perform their duties on…