Misaq Majlis – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

16th-Febuary-2014, Misaq Majlis was held  in Saleh Masjid. Misaq Majlis was Preside by Janab Amil Saheb Hatim BS. Proper Queue was maintain by Members of Burhani Guard so that Momineen can get Sharaaf of Shafaqat.


Milad Raat Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

19-February-2014, Milad Majlis was Relayed from Mumbai immediately after Magrib Isha Namaz. The duty started immediately after namaz and members were allotted duty at different points example, parking and security was controlled by the guards and gate security and inside masjid operations were assisted by the members of Scouts


Shaheen Essay Writing Competition- Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

26-January-2014-Burhani Scouts Division 9 had organised a competition which was named as “D9 GOT TALENT”, Essay Writing Competition was Scheduled. In which Members of  Shaheen took part and write essay on given topic which was  “Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin R.A”  . Winners of all the competition will be announced later.


Shaheen and Scout Madeh and Rasa Competition – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

9-Febuary-2014- Burhani Scouts Division 9 had organised a competition which was named as “D9 GOT TALENT”, in which there were various types of competition for the members of Scouts and Shaheen. After Essay Competition, Madeh Competition was Scheduled. In which Members of Scouts and Shaheen took part and recites Madeh in Shaan of Syedna Mufaddal…

Scout Training Class – Burhani Mohallah – Division 13

9 february 2014 scout training class was held. Class  timings were 10:00am; Clay modelling was done in the class and a  demonstration was given to the members about how to make clay models after the clay modelling tug of war was played between the two patrols.


Shaheen class – Mohammedi Mohallah – Division 7

9 Febuary 2014 – Division-7 Shaheen Sunday class held at 9:30m sharp. Class was started by recitation of Surah Yaseen by every member for Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin R.A. After that drill class started, new members were trained and all 5 groups were informed about the Inter Parwaz Competition which will start from next week.

Milad-e-Imam Uz Zaman Waaz – Taheri Mohallah – Division 2

5th February, 2014 – On the prestigious event of Milad-e-Imam Uz Zaman, members of Burhani Ambulance Corps (BAC) were seen actively performing their duties, which included traffic management and parking guidance to facilitate mumineen. They also ensured security all over. Moreover Al-Tamreez section also assisted the disabled and old people to attend waaz. Waaz was followed…