Urus Syedna Abdullah Badruddib R.A – Al Mohallatul Burhaniya, Division III

January 10,2014 10th January 2014 – Duty Timings for Majlis was 6:00 pm sharp for Urs Majlis Syedna Abdullah Badruddin (R.A) Al-Mohallatul-Burhaniyah, Burhani Guards & Burhani Scouts Division III members were present to attend their duties in Majlis which included Ladies and Gents Flow Management, Parking Guidance, Gates Security, Patrolling, Masjid Sitting Arrangements etc. The…

Burhani Scout Inter Division Cricket Tournament

Burhani Ambulance Corps has organized tape ball cricket tournament among inter division in scout section on 8th December 2013 at MSB Sports complex Ground 8 teams of 12 divisions participated in tournament, each team has to play 2 pool matches and each match consists of 8 over, final is followed by pool matches. Tournament got…


01-December-2013 Description: Burhani Scouts & Shaheen training & activity class was held on Sunday 1st of December.All members of  Shaheen  gave exam of 1st PARVAZ  while on other side members of  Scouts practiced  some basic First Aid Bandages and 6 knots.After training class all members went for cricket practice for INTER DIV CRICKET TOURNAMENT 2013.

Sunday Shaheen Training Class -Fakhri Mohallah- DIV 16

22nd December 2013 -Sunday scouts class was held in MSB ,Shaheen members did drill practise and they made different models.After sunday class cricket match played between Burhani Scout (DIV XVI) and Burhani Shaheen (DIV XVI) in MSB ground.    


Farewell & Meeting for Welcoming New Members – Adam Mohallah – Division 1

The meeting started after thursday Majlis 08:30pm The Captain , Division Officer , Unit Leader, S.S.L and other members were present along with the officer and members of Essa Mohallah The meeting was conducted by Ali Asgher Fida The agenda of the meeting was to transfer  members to their respective Mohallah, New Card, and International…