Eid-e-GadeerKhum Waaz – 1435H- Adam Mohallah- Division 1.

12th October 2014 On the event of Eid-e-Gadeer Khum Waaz reporting time for duty was 10:15 am. Members were present in uniform. Members were allotted duties by our Area Captain. Members set barricades in Masjid for Safaqat Majlis. Members lash barricades . Few guards and MTC members manage the flow of momineen for shafaqat bethak….


Night-out Picnic of Div 1 – Adam Mohallah-Division 1

10th October 2014 Members of GUARD, MTC, scout and shaheen went for picnic at Al Feroz Farm house. We left from Adam Masjid at 7:30pm on Monday, dated 6th and reached the farm house at 9:30pm. Had Bar-B-Que program in dinner. After dinner comedy tablo was also presented by members of guard and scout. Members…


Shaheen Dolphin Show – Mohammadi Mohallah – Division 7

8 August 2014: Division 7 Shaheen members after being victorious at Inter-Shaheen Cricket Tournament was gifted a Dolphin Show from Burhani Guards Trust as a winning award. Shaheen Cricket team members enjoyed alot at Dolphin Show and were very thankful for this wonderful award. hank full for this wonderful award.