Urus Syedna Ismail Badruddin R.A Majlis – 1437H

Urus Syedna Ismail Badruddin R.A Majlis – 1437H Reporting time was 7:30 pm and end time 8:30 pm Members were Allocated their respective duty points i.e: Masjid Surroundings, gateway society and across the road. Members Controlling the traffic and managed the flow of mumineen. Vigilance were survey the respective duty area where members were allocated….


Division General Meeting – Division 16 – A.M. Fakhriyah

On the auspicious ocassion Milad Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin(R.A) 6th March 2016,  Syedna Aali Qadar Mufaddal Maula (TUS) bestowed Hussain Hakim Surty with the title of N.K.D. Captain Of the Division announced this news in the general meeting with members of division 16 on 23rd March 2016 after the 16mi raat darees and salawat Jaman.

Urus Syedna Mohammed Badruddin R.A Majlis – 1437H

Urus Syedna Mohammed Badruddin R.A Majlis – 1437H: Reporting time was 07:45pm and ends at 8:00pm. Members were deputed with the respective duty points. There were 3 points were members were allocated surrounding the masjid premises, across the road and gateway society. Members controlling the tracffic and managed the flow of mumineen across the road…

Urus Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed R.A Majlis – 1437H

Urus Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed R.A Majlis – 1437H: Reporting time was 07:15pm  and ending time was 09:15 pm. Members were reported at their duties points. Members were having talaqi in Masjid and listening to waaz. Giving Bouquet to Moiz Quettawala D.S for NKD title. Wheelchair were provided by an old age people. Masjlis end with…


Ramadan-ul-Moazzam 1436H – Mohammadi Mohallah Div VII activities

1) Security arrangements in Masjid vicinity. 2) Iftar + water distribution. 3) Wajebaat bethak arrangements. 4) Milaad Raat celeberation program arrangements. 5) Pirsa Khidmat 6) Lailatul Qadar – Refreshment Khidmat. 7) Parking arrangements at Nishter Park. 8) Ashara Ohbat activity. Khuda Taa’la Syedna wa Maulana Abu Jaffer us Saadiq Aaliqadar Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS ni Umre…

Vafat Maulatena Fatima Zehra A.S Majlis – 1437H – Adam Mohallah

Maulatena Fatima Zehra A.S Vafat Raat Majlis began after Magrib namaz, Amil Saheb Naeem Bhaisaheb Mohiuddin Saheb presided the majlis. All members of Burhani Ambulance Corps Division 1 Adam Mohallah started their respective duties after namaz. Vigilance Parking Management Main Road Crossing and Security KMC footpath Security Al Tamrrez Flow Management also include in duties of members.