Milad Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (R.A) 1439H – Division 5 – (Ibrahim Mohallah)

Categories: Domestic Events,Ibrahim Mohallah (Division-5)

On 6th & 7th January 2018 at the Milad raat and waaz mubarak of Syedna Muhammad Burhanuddin (R.A):

  • Our duty reporting time was 07:15 pm for night majlis and 09:30 am for waaz mubarak.
  • Our members reported in complete uniform and were deputed to their respective points of duty.
  • Our members also performed following duties / activities:
    • Closed the street with the help of Qanat for security purposes and only allowed pedestrian to cross the street.
    •  Our members stood on main road before majlis when mumineen came to Masjid from surrounding areas and also after “Jaman” so mumineen could safely reach to their homes.
    • Our members facilitated handicapped members of the community in commuting to the Masjid.
    • During majlis members gave sweets and ittar to all mumineen.
    • We also presented Najwa-tu-Shukar to Amil Sahab.
    • Our flute band also played during jaman.
    •  We also participated in Milad Procession
Author: BAC-5 Ibrahim Mohallah