Milad Syedna Mohammad Burhannudin (R.A) MAJLIS 1438H – DIVISION XVI – AL MOHALLAH TUL FAKHRIYAH

Categories: Domestic Events,Fakhri Mohallah (Division-16)

  • All Guards, Scouts, MTC and Band members reported at 05:00pm ¬†at markaz in complete uniform.
  • All members offered Maghrib/Isha ¬†namaaz by imamat.
  • After namaaz milad procession and fireworks were organized by Burhani Guards.
  • All members performed their duties before and after namaaz on following points :
    • Milad Procession
    • Gate
    • Parking
    • Tamreez
    • Flow Managment
    • Markaz surroundings
    • Taam Committee
  • Members also did talaqqi of Milad majlis.
  • After performing duty, members took barakat of Salawaat jaman.
Author: BAC-16 A.M Fakhri Mohallah