Milad Dai- uz- Zaman Majlis 1435 – Al Mohallatul Burhaniyah, Division III

Categories: Al-Mohallatul Burhaniyah (Division-3)

19th February 2014

Duty Timings for Majlis was 5:30 pm, Burhani Guards & Burhani Scouts Division III members were present to perform their duties on the  night of Milad-e-Dai-uz-Zaman which included Ladies and Gents Flow Management, Parking Guidance, Gates Security, Patrolling, Masjid Sitting Arrangements. Around 6:15pm members were sent to offer pray and attend Majlis( live from Mumbai) after handing over their duty points to police and other concerned people.

Author: BAC-3 Al-Mohallatul-Burhaniyah