Khidmat In Ramazan 1434 – Burhani Mohallah – Division 13

Categories: Burhani Mohallah (Division-13),Domestic Events

31st July 2013 – Members Of Burhani Guards And Scouts had performed Khidmat In the Month Of Ramazan. It has been Divided into Three Groups. Burhani guards and Scouts Perform Khidmat in fajar and Magrib Namaz. The reporting Time in Fajar was 4:30AM 40 mins before the namaz and in magrib 6.30 PM. Burhani Guards and scouts Done their Duty. Scouts Members perform khidmat in distributting water bottles and Guards members distributed tea to Momineen. All the Members Performed their Duties with their cooperation.


Author: BAC-13 Burhani Mohallah