Kenya Rover Moot 2010

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The 13th world Rover Moot was held on 27th July 2010 and ended on 7th August 2010

4 member from Burhani Scouts were nominated for the delegation to represent Pakistan to the masses of all culture and to portray a positive image to the other rovers from different  Countries.

  1. Daniyal Shk Aliasghar Jorbai (DIV VII)
  2. Ammar Hussain Nagpurwala (DIV VII)
  3. AliAsghar Mandviwala (DIV XIII)
  4. Moiz Sabun wala (DIV II)

On the departure the rovers were welcomed by the Trustees and the Committee members and the journey started on 25th of July Officially.

The opening ceremony was held on 27th July and Rover round the globe were amalgamated to form 3 different groups, namely Embu, Kaiyaban &  Machakos and each group further divided into alphabetical order.

Different  activities were performed such as a hike to the waterfalls, setting up a bus stand, helping local farmers in their soil, running in marathon, cooking , musical parties official dinner, trips to different locations specially to nyeri where the grave of the founder of scouting is located i.e. Sir Lord Robert Baden Powell.

The Camp officially came to an end on 7th august with a ceremony.

Further the Group was invited by the Ambassador of Pakistan Mr. Mansoor to dinner at his own residence.

We altogether traveled to different locations and places of interest to relax and spent summers well.

Author: BAC-7 Mohammadi Mohallah