International Cadet Camp 2006 Srilanka – St Johns.

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In July 2006, Burhani Guards was selected by St John Ambulance Brigade to represent in Srilanka as a  Pakistani Delegation of St. Johns. Burhani Guards welcomed the offer and a total of 8 members were selected to proudly represent the Country and Host the Flag of the country in another state.


  1. Mulla Shabbir Bhai Abde Ali Bhai Gohar (TRUSTEE)
  2. Mulla Moiz Bhai Saifuddin Bhai Haryanawala (TRUSTEE)
  3. Mulla Shabbir Bhai Mansoor Bhai Najmi (TRUSTEE)
  4. Shabbir Bhai (DIV 2)
  5. Daniyal Shk Alisghar Jorbai (DIV 7)
  6. Abbas Qamruddin Ujjain  (DIV 1)
  7. Mufaddal Bhai Sadriwala (DIV 4)
  8. Hamza Bhai (DIV 4)

The Commander for the delegation was Mulla Shabbir Bhai Abde Ali Bhai Gohar.

The Competition were as Follows:

  1. Firstaid Long Course
  2. Firstaid Short Course
  3. Drill
  4. Tracking
  5. Mapping

In firstaid Pakistan achieved 1st position and in drill and tracking 2nd place. Overall Pakistan was awarded the second position after competing a number of countries in the event. Hongkong got the 1st place.

This was a remarkable event and the delegation portrayed positive picture of the country under the leadership of Mulla Shabbir Bhai.

Author: BAC-7 Mohammadi Mohallah