Inter-Divisional Winter Olympics – Division 16 – Al Mohallah-tul-Fakhriya

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We all believe in a healthy and willing lifestyle because it helps our nature to develop our mind in a good manner. In that believe DIVISION XVI organized this entire winter event for Burhani Scouts members to promote their health and to enhance their skills to develop ability and performance. Event time 07:00 am venue: SEA VIEW Karachi In complete peaceful and pleasant environment.

The event got started with Tilawat, Madeh and Scout Promise by the member of DIVISION XVI. After that a warm welcome of our Commander SHEIKH ABDUL HUSSAIN BHAI RATLAMWALA AND TRUSTEES of BURHANI AMBULANCE CORPS.

SIX DIVISIONS of BURHANI SCOUTS has participated in this event.



This event is based on many healthy activities. Our first activity was NAZAFAT. Performed by all participating divisions as per AQA MOULA TUS farmaan.

GAME 1, Our first game is TUG OF WAR (8 PLAYERS) started at 08:00 am, Game played between two teams 8 aside. There’s a bit change in the game that the team has to pull the whole team Across the foul line which makes this game more excited and competitive.

Winning division for TUG of WAR (8 players) is DIVISION XVI

GAME 2, Our second game is TUG of WAR (2 players) started at 08:30 am. Game played between two teams 2 aside. Each team carries limited age members as per requirement. Another interesting way of TUG of WAR where members stand on the given platform and pull the opponent team.

Winning division for TEAM BUILD is DIVISION VIII

GAME 3, Our third game was FANTASTIC FOUR started at 09:00 am. Game played between three teams which were divided into two pools Pool A & Pool B, an interesting game with a unique name, this game played By four members aside, all members were tightly gripped with each other by their elbows

Winning division for FANTASTIC FOUR is DIVISION XVI

GAME 4, Our fourth game was BEACH BALL RELAY started at 09:30 am. Game played between Two Pools, Pool A & Pool B. This game based on the team work, the team lies down on the ground in a queue and pass the ball by their foot backwards to the other member. And the routine goes on to complete a lap.

Winning division for BEACH BALL RELAY is DIVISION IX

GAME 5, Our fifth game is TEAM BUILD started at 10:00 am Game played between three teams which are divided into two pools Pool A & Pool B. Each team had carry 5 members, four members for gripping the given path and one member to step up.

Winning division for TEAM BUILD is DIVISION XVI

GAME 6, Our sixth game was PASS THE PERSON started at 10:30 am Game played between two pools, Pool A & Pool B. This game was a team game 16 aside, this game was quite tough because members lying down have to carry a person by the power of their elbow and need to complete a lap.

Winning division for PASS THE PERSON is DIVISION VIII

GAME 7, Our seventh game was BEACH VOLLEYBALL started at 09:00 am. Game played between two teams 4 aside. This game was played with all primary rules of volleyball. Members showed their complete efforts in this game and Perform very well.

Winning division for TEAM BUILD is DIVISION IX

GAME 8, Our eighth game was SUMO FIGHTING started at 11:00 am. Game played between two teams one aside. This game is a huge complexion of fighting without touching each other, members wore tubes on their body to fight. Interest begins with their intelligence of fighting.

Winning division for TEAM BUILD is DIVISION VII

GAME 9, Our ninth game was GRAB AN APPLE started at 11:30 am Game played between the entire divisions one aside Each member has to eat their apple in given time, The apples are hanging with the thread because of that it’s quite difficult to handle it.

Winning division for GRAB AN APPLE is DIVISION IX

In this auspicious event, all divisions cordially participated and give their outstanding performance to achieve as much as they can in this event. We are humbly appreciated to the entire division for their support and appearance.

These all games based on points as per team winning, which includes the performance, ability, punctuality and negative points for penalties.


  • DIVISION II 5 th
  • RUNNERS-UP: DIVISION IX We congratulate Division IX for their Achievement
Author: BAC-16 A.M Fakhri Mohallah