Gilaaf Sharaf at Mumineen’s Qabar On Friday At Old Qabrastan-Adam Mohallah-Division 1

Categories: Adam Mohallah (Division-1),Domestic Events

12-April-2014 Duty Time Starts at 08:00am & ends at 12.30pm.

  • As per farmaan of Aqa Maula Mufaddal (TUS) Burhani Guards D.I.V.1 were assigned khidmat at Karachi City oldest 2 Qabrastan (Gaam nu Qabrastan) in city Lyari Area to manage & help mumineen in qabrastan for Gilaaf at their relatives qabar & managing flow & other related matter.
  • We feel very proud & shukar in Hazrat Imaniyah for assigning as this khidmat.
Author: BAC-1 Adam Mohallah