General Meeting with Trustees and Central Officers -Div 16 – Fakhri Mohallah

Categories: Domestic Events,Fakhri Mohallah (Division-16)

A general meeting was called with Trustees and Central Officers on Monday 22nd April at 09:45 pm. Members of  Guards, Scouts, MTC, Vigilance attended this meeting.  The meeting commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran and Matam of Imam Hussain.

The main points discussed in the meeting were as follows:

  • Planning and management for the upcoming month of Ramadan.
  • Khidmats and tasks to perform for Guards and Scouts during Ramadan.
  • Officers inquired problems associated with members and resolved diligently.
  • Encouraged members to join Mohallah Sabaq.
  • Officers helped to strengthen bonds between members and to work as a team
Author: BAC-16 A.M Fakhri Mohallah