Firefighting and Safety Training – Yusufi Mohalla – Division 4

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A event held by the Burhani Scouts of Division 4 , Karachi , Pakistan .

In light of the constant increase in hazards due to uncontrolled fires , and unimaginable losses of life taking place, Division 4 scouts of Shabbirabad with the help of the Umoor e Sehet Department and  Falah e Insaniyat Foundation hosted a Fire fighting Rescue and Safety Training Program on 25th February, Sunday.

The program began with a short breakfast at 10 am and ended at 4 pm with lunch.

The training course was divided into 2 parts, the first being theory in which the volunteers were taught everything from the chemistry of fire to the point of controlling it.

The second part was Practical Application in which the volunteers were divided into emergency response teams and taught how to use fire extinguishers effectively.

Guests, parents and members of the community visited the the training program being held through out the day.

During the training exercise all our seniors/guests present at the time which included:

  • Janab Murtaza Bhaisaheb
  • Shaikh Abdul Hussain Bhai Fida Ali Bhai Ratlamwala
  • Shaikh Abid Hussain Bhai Mulla Badruddin Bhai Marvi
  • Mufaddal Bhai Ali Akber Bhai Rampurawala
  • Ismail Bhai Shaikh Shabbir Hussain Bhai Kaukawala
  • Mulla Ali Asghar Bhai Shaikh Imran Ali Bhai Mithaiwala
  • Mulla Ali Asgher Bhai Hakimuddin Bhai Samiwala
  • Hunaid Bhai Mulla Moiz Ali Bhai Mandviwala
  • Sindh Boy Scout Senior Sir Tahir Shaikh
  • Sindh Boy Scout Senior Sir Mohammed Sami

All volunteers recieved certification of the course by the FIF Foundation , and were given Proficiency badges with seperate certification by Sindh Boy Scout Senior Sir Tahir Shiekh.

We thank all our guests, parents and community members for visiting us during our training and appreciating our efforts towards building a better society.

We would also like to thank Yusufi Mohalla Jamaat and our Aamil Saheb for supporting such an activity and giving it the importance it deserves.

Author: BAC-4 Yousufi Mohallah