Day 2 – Burhani Saify Inter-Divisional Premier League – Division 16

Categories: Domestic Events,Fakhri Mohallah (Division-16)

  • On 23rd March, Day 2 of Burhani Saify Inter-Divisional Premier League, total 6 matches were played.
  • In Group B, there was clear that Div. 2 and Div. 8 qualified for Semi-Finals but in Group A, only Div. 5 qualified with 4 points. Three teams were having 2 points which make the situation tricky. On the basis of run rate Div 01 dis-qualified.
  • Qualifying match of 1 over played between BAC and Div 7.
  • Div 8 competed very well with there very young team through out the tournament and were unbeatable till finals. But in final, all time champions defended the title very well and remained unbeatable to lift the cup.
    • Group Match No Matches Winner
      A Match 8 Knights – MTC vs Daredevils – Div.5 Div 5
      B Match 9 Strikers – Div.2 vs Gladiators – Div.12 Div 2
      A Match 10 Stars – B.A.C vs Royals – Div.7 B.A.C
      Semi Final Match 11 Daredevils – Div.5 vs Warriors – Div.8 Div 8
      Qualifying Match Stars – B.A.C vs Royals – Div.7 Div 7
      Semi Final Match 12 Strikers – Div.2 vs Royals – Div.7 Div 2
      Final Match 13 Strikers – Div.2 vs Warriors – Div.8 Div 2


  • We thanks Shk. Hatim Bhai, Shk. Abdul Hussain Bhai and all the trustees & officers who took very active part in this event and bring more charm with their presence on the ground.
  • We also thanks all the Division Captains and Team who took part and made event successful.

In the end, we pray that May Allah Subhanahu grant our beloved AQA MOULA (TUS) a long and healthy life till the day of Qayamat…… AMEEN and also give us more strength to perform Khidmat with great enthusiasm and full fill the Farman-e-Aali.



Author: BAC-16 A.M Fakhri Mohallah