Hiking Competition Burhani Scouts Division 9

26th May 2013, Hiking Competition was  2 Competition in Inter Patrol Competition, Competition Started After Tilawat-e-Quran and Scout Promise. 2 Groups Participated in this Competition. Both Groups were Given Different routes to reached their Final Point. Leapord Patrol – Saleh Masjid to National Museum. Tiger Patrol – Saleh Masjid to City Railway Station. 4 Shaheen…


Urus Syedna Tahir Saifuddin (r.a) – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

Waaz Majlis on the eve of  Urus Syedna Tahir Saifuddin  started at 8:00 pm at Saleh Masjid . Waaz was presided by Janab Hatim Bhai Saheb. Members were informed to report at 07:30 pm after Magrib Isha Namaz. Members of Burhani Guards and Scout Perfomed Various Khidmat like Security,  Flow Management, Handicap and Parking. Dinner…


Pioneering and Tug of War Competition Burhani Scout Division 9

19-May-2013, Pioneering and Tug of War Competition was first event in our Inter Patrol Competition. 3 Groups Participated in these Two Competitions. The Event Started Immediately after Tilwat-e-Quran and Scout Promise. In Pioneering Competition Two Members from each group were send by Patrol Leaders. In Tug of War Competition Three games were played between each…


Meeting With Trustees Regarding Moharramaat – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

The General Meeting with Trustees was held at Saleh Masjid on 25 March 2013, Monday.The  Issue regarding Moharramat and Trimming Beard were Discussed in the Meeting . All Members of Burhani Guards and Burhani Scouts were present in the Meeting . Honey & Almond were also distribute among members who are suspended to help them quit…


102nd Milad-e-Dai-iz-Zamaan Waaz Duty – Division 9

On the prestigious event of 102nd Milaad Mubarak, Waaz Mubarak of Ali Qadar Moula(T.U.S) was relayed all over the Bilad-e-Imaniyah. Member Perform Following Duty: 1. Manage security around Masjid and all related areas. 2. Manage Parking. 3. Members of Div 9 also made Logo of 102 Milad. May Allah grant Aqa Maula (TUS) and his…


102nd Milad-e-Dai-iz-Zamaan Raat Majlis – Division 9

This was the night of blessings and as per commitment all members came for magrib isha namaz. The duty started immediately after namaz and members were allotted duty at different points example, parking and security was controlled by the guards and gate security and inside masjid operations were assisted by the members of Scouts