Shaheen & Scout Art Card Competition – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

12-January-2014- Burhani Scouts Division 9 had organised a competition which was named as “D9 GOT TALENT”, in which there were various types of competition for the members of Scouts and Shaheen. Art Competition was first of the five competitions. In which Members of Scouts and Shaheen took part and made 103rd Milad Mubarak Cards. They…


Milad un Nabi Waaz Relay – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

12-January-2014, Milad un Nabi (SAW) waaz Mubarak was relayed in Saleh Mohallah . Majlis started immediately after Magrib and  Ishaa Namaz. Members were informed to report at 5:30 pm . Members performed various Khidmat like Security Management, Parking and Flow Management . Salawaat Jaman was served after Majlis .


Ashara 1435h – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

Activities of Division 9 – Saleh Mohallah during Ashara Mubaraka 1435h Reporting time for Waaz majlis was 08:30 am and for evening majlis 7:00 pm The whole complex of the Masjid was covered with kana`at and blocked with barricades. Members were deputed for duties at parking, Masjid surrounding, traffic management, show stalls, entrance/exit gates, ITS…


Shahadat Maulana Ali SA – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

On the Occasion of Shahadat Amir ul Mumieen SA Waaz Mubarak of Ali Qadar Moula(T.U.S) was relayed all over the Bilad-e-Imaniyah. Member Perform Following Duty: 1. Manage security around Masjid and all related areas. 2. Manage Parking. May Allah grant Aqa Maula (TUS) and his Mansoos Aaliqadar Moula (TUS) sehat kulli until yawme Qayamat. Ameen.


Misaq Majlis – Saleh Mohallah- Division 9

Misaq Majlis was held on 16 Ramadan in Saleh Masjid. Misaq Majlis was Preside by Janab Amil Saheb Hatim BS. Proper Queue was maintain by Members of Burhani Guard so that Each and Every Momin can get Sharaaf of Shafaqat.


Wajeebaat Bethak – Saleh Mohallah – Division 9

Different Khidmat were Performed by Our Members During Wajebaat Bethak. Janab Nooruddin BS arrived at 4:00 pm . Before the Arrival of of Janab Nooruddin BS . Member allocate Mumineens Wajebaat token Number according to which the were called for envelop printing and then envelops were sealed by Burhani Mahel Team. After Which Members guided…